Take care of your DYU smart bike and yourself on rainy days

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Recently, many areas in the world have been affected by storms, and the most extensive rainfall process has occurred this autumn, from rain to rain to rain. Rainfall has had a big impact on our lives, especially those who often ride DYU electric bikes.

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Let’s first take a look at the hazards brought by the rain to electric vehicles.
First, the rainwater leaks into the e bike battery.
Second, the long-term dampness leads to accelerated aging and wear of the line, which in turn causes a short circuit.
Third, due to air pollution, rainfall in many places is acidic, and rain will accelerate the rust and appearance damage of electric bikes like DYU.
Rainy season electric bikes precautions

Rainy season electric bikes precautions

Parked in a carport or other shelters, etc.

In the rainy season, it is best to park the e bike in a shelter such as a carport. Although the waterproof technology of electric bikes is very good, in order to better protect the electric bike, to make the e bike serve a longer time, we should take good care of it.

Rainy day riding safety in mind

The rainy road surface is slippery. When braking, the frictional distance between the tire and the ground will become longer. Pay more attention to the road condition. If the road area is water, do not let the water flood the hub center. The deep water is not only water, but also pit underneath. The e bike should try to avoid going out in rain, and pay special attention to the operation of the signal light when riding on the road.
It is necessary to carry out necessary inspections on the bike during rainy days, whether there is abnormal noise in the front and rear brakes, whether there is water in the bike, and whether the instrument display is normal.
No deep water like this
No deep water like this

Three main impacts after wet by the rain

1. If the motor enters the water, the joint will be short-circuited, especially if the water level is very deep.
2, If the water enters the battery box, it will directly lead to a short circuit between the positive and negative poles, the better consequence is the damage to the battery, and serious consequences will be a safety danger to the rider no matter how good quality the battery is.
3. Although the motor controller is waterproof design, if the electric bike is soaked or emersed in the rain for a long time, the water may enter the controller, which directly causes the controller burn out.
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How to ride safely on rainy days?

First, don’t wade into the water easily
Don’t be too hard to cross a place with serious water, try to make a detour instead. If it is necessary to pass, try to choose some roads with shallow water, the water depth should not exceed half of the wheel, because the electric motor is usually located in the middle of the rear wheel center.
Second, dry up the bike in time after the rain
After the electric bike is wet, do not rush to push the battery into connection with the power supply. This may pose a short circuit danger. After heavy rain, the electric vehicle shall be placed in a ventilated place to dry.
Third, some models have chains, rust removing trick
If the electric bike chain rusts after rain, it can be wiped off with a cleaning agent for cleaning the kitchen, and then washed with diesel oil, so that rust can be easily eleminated. In addition, you can also buy some castor beans, peel off the outer shell, wrap it with fine velvet cloth, use it to wipe the electric bike, making the rims and spokes bright, and it also play a certain role in rust prevention. .
Fourth, tires maintenance on rainy days 
On rainy days, you need to pay attention to the slippery ground. It is best to choose non-slip tires. Brake gently and softly, brake in advance, do not brake hard, of it will cause dangerous situations such as slipping and falling.
Fifth, rainy day parking cover
When parking an electric bike on a rainy day, if there is no shelter such as a carport, it is best to cover it with a plastic cloth to protect the electric bike controller from rain.
Sixth, pay attention to view the controller in a heavy rain
After wading, if there is not a lot of water in the controller, you can put it in a ventilated place for drying before using. If a large amount of water is in the controller, it should be repaired at the relevant repair station in time to prevent the power supply from short-circuiting, the burning of the derailleur and the motor.
DYU smart bike riding tips: Try not to ride an electric bike on a heavy rain day. If you must travel on a rainy day, please choose a safe section to go slowly and obey the traffic rules. Last but not least, don’t forget your helmet.

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