Riding the F wheel Electric Single Wheel Obtains Ten Big Benefits

Riding the flywheel will electric unicycle ten big benefits

1. The F wheel will balance the car movement is referred to as the “educational movement” in the medical community, through the whole body muscle meat, the body is in a state of active relaxed, prompted the development of the cerebellum and thus promote the brain developed, improve intelligence.<h1 “=””>F-wheel

2. Ride the flywheel will balance the car can shape a beautiful shape, minors long-term increased 5-10 cm ride than their peers.

electric unicycle

3. The flywheel will balance the car movement surprised, insurance, strange, qiao, the United States as a whole, it has enriched people’s lives, to cultivate a positive, confident, resolute, aggressive personality traits have a very good effect.

4. Long term exercise can balance the flywheel will balance cycling and nerve reflection ability, make the shoulder, ridge, wrist legs, arms and legs, feet, and fully exercise, strengthen the body flexibility, thanks.The obvious benefits are beneficial to the healthy growth of teenagers, not only by young people, especially loved by the majority of parents.

5. The flywheel will balance the car does not require special field, whether in the road, parks, tree-lined paths, or yard, indoor all can use, it can ride a sex is almost around the clock.

electric one wheel

self balancing unicycle

6. Childhood obesity lead to adverse consequences directly displays in: lower intelligence, hands-on ability and movement coordination, character solitary addiction, lack of confidence, etc., these adverse consequences will directly affect the normal physical and mental development teenagers.Riding the flywheel will balance the car continue to brush street 30 minutes on average 285 calorie consumption, s-shaped around 30 minutes, on average, 900 calorie consumption, heat consumed is running 1 hour.So extracting 0.5 2 hours of time to practice every day the flywheel will balance the car can make you relax in the pressure of work or study, and get you from the pressure, from the effect of obesity.

7. The flywheel will balance the car movement can help children from the dangers of television, Internet, enhanced physique enhance immunity.Promotes the body’s balance, coordination, flexibility, and cultivate the ability of independent.

8. Treat hump prevent myopia.Asked the flywheel will balance cycling back upright, often can prevent bow-backed, flywheel will balance the cycling myopia.Teenagers about 2 months can correct kyphosis and slight spinal lateral bending, a suitable distance to prevent myopia keeping eyes and books.

one wheel scooter
one wheel scooter

9. Strengthen the parent-child relationship of husband and wife.The family often exercise can increase feelings of husband and wife together, increase the parent-child relationship to promote family harmony.

Deposit 10. Easy to carry, fitness walking.Flywheel will balance the car easy place, easy to carry.Public places, cars, trains can carry to enter.Skilled generally within 20 kilometers can take to the streets after walking.

self balancing scooter

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