Seems Hard, Easy to Learn, F-wheel Electric Unicycle Learning Tips


F-wheel electric unicycle is not hard to learn, tell it like it is, it is kind of device that is  easy to learn. This hands free transportation is suitable for all terrains and durable. What’s the most important, it is portable. When you don’t want to ride it, you can put it in the pocket or luggage or just  push it to anywhere you want to be. Here is the teach video.

F-wheel Learning Tips

Before Getting Started
For first-timers, be sure to equip yourself with comfortable sportswear and sneakers. Warm up your body and keep your body agile.Considering the average human athletic skills, the height of paddle is set 10cm from ground only, which guarantees your safety in case of falling over. A Helmet, gloves, knee and ankle pads are also recommended for first-timers. To start, please bring F-wheel to open space and watch out for obstructions and bumpy terrains.
Learning Tips for First-Timers
1. Place F-wheel vertically on the ground by one hand and power it on.

2. Unfold the pedals and straddle F-wheel.

3. Place one foot on the center of a pedal and bend the leg slightly to press on the cushion rubber tightly.

4.Lift your hand that holds F-wheel, stand upright naturally and look straight forward. Shift your body weight to the leg standing on the ground and try to achieve lateral balance.
5. Maintain this position and shift your body weight gradually to the other leg and lift your supporting leg from the ground and try to maintain momentary balance.

6. Please follow and practise the above steps before starting riding with one foot on pedal. 7. After being able to ride with one foot smoothly, place another foot on a pedal and relax your legs for better balance. 8. Ride along and try to change directions by shifting body weight or twisting your waist slightly.
Key Notes

Training belt is highly recommended for first-timers, which reduces risk of falling over.

1. Please control speed before riding smoothly.

2. Make sure to check the power level and tire before riding.

3. Players under 18 or over 45 are supposed to find yourself learning partners.

Next, the author is going to share some interesting pictures about the F-wheel electric unicycle, and wish all the users of F-wheel electric unicycle have fun with this small useful device.

What if I told you there’s a little known invention that might just be the coolest thing ever? Obviously, you wouldn’t believe me… but what you’re about to see could change your mind. A company in the UK has created the must-have gadget of the year. It could change personal transportation in some pretty awesome ways. No more taxi fare, no more expensive gas. And best of all? You look super cool using it.
It makes going to work much easier.

It makes going to work much easier.

This guy love it.

This guy love it.

And so does this dog.

And so does this dog.

You don’t even need two feet.

You don’t even need two feet.

So what is it and how does it work? It’s called the F-wheel, and I’ll let the video speak for itself.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. It’s like a Segway but way cooler and more practical. You can buy one here. Share this awesome invention with others.

No matter which city you are, what you like, the F-wheel electric unicycle can be the best choice to you. In the end, let’s share the experience of a F-wheel customer:

Totally I love this thing. It took me about 2 weeks to teach myself how to ride it, but once I mastered it, I can step on it without thinking twice. I’m glad I endeavored because I use it everywhere I go. I especially love using it to go shopping at stores like Walmart or Target. Everyone always stops me and asks what it is. It’s very easy to use pushing a shopping cart and the battery life is so amazingly long. It really was an excellent purchase.  As the author of F-wheel, I wish all the customers to have fun with the electric unicycle and more and more people realize the convenience of this new invented device.


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