Section One: Electric unicycle user guide

F-wheel electric unicycle and other self balancing products  are a kind of high tech product. The user who ride it will deeply feel the convenience of the electric one wheel brought.

Take care of the device, do not fall it from high places or drop it to the ground too hard. Though it has delicate design inside, it is still fragile sometimes without proper treatment. Remember it is not hard like diamond ,so treat it like a girlfriend. At the same time, we have also listed the Frequently Asked Questions, click here to read more about it.

Keep it from the deep water

This seems reasonable. Though our product is waterproof, the battery is not waterproof as everybody knows. Remember our unicycle is not a boat which can swim.

Charge your electric unicycle battery full

When your electric unicycle do not have enough power, it refuses to take you anywhere. It seems reasonable too. Therefore, when you stop, plug it into power too so it will take you to farther places.

Intelligent App Design

To handle F-wheel electric unicycle better, download a App on the official site first. Only in this way will you have a happier experience with this device. Music from the unicycle which you play will make you higher when riding.


Because its one wheel design, this product becomes possible to be taken to anywhere like the bus,the train and even the airplane. So, take the f-wheel to anywhere you like.


That’s all you should care


The meaning of indicate light 3.1–When the green light is normally on or flash: 1. When the green light is normally on: the battery power is more than 67%; 2. When the green light flash(about once per second): the battery power is between 33% and 67%; 3. When the flashing frequency is higher(about 5 times per second): the current power is less than 33%. 3.2–When the indicate light is red: It indicates that the battery power is very low and immediate charge is necessary. 3.3–When the red light is flashing: 1. It shows that the F-wheel vehicle is in danger, you should stop immediately and turn off the power; 2.If the problem is not solved with fully charged battery, please send the vehicle for maintenance. Page 7th 4.Riding 4.1–Notices 4.1.1 Use hand-belt to ensure your riding safe Before you are skilled in riding F-wheel, using hand-belt can help your F-wheel avoid damage. Tie up the hand-belt on the handle of the vehicle. Put a foot on the pedal and adjust the length of the hand-belt to a comfortable position; When you are losing balance while riding, stop the vehicle from falling down by holding the hand-belt. 4.1.2 How to keep balance F-wheel self-balancing unicycle is gyroscope-stabilized; F-wheel self-balancing unicycle will perceive your action and speed up when you lean forward. And it will slow down when you lean backward; Like riding a bicycle, certain speed is needed to keep you balancing to left and right; Do not ride on a slippery or sand-covered ground. F-wheel self-balancing unicycle maintains balance by the friction force between wheel and the surface. Page 8th 4.2–Preparation before riding 1. Choose a suitable site to begin with: please find a ground which is flat, open and no obstacles; NOTE: F-wheel self-balancing unicycle is a sports toy rather than a transportation vehicle. Please do not ride F-wheel on the driveway or pavement. Otherwise it may cause danger. 2. Check the vehicle before riding: make sure the battery power is enough and there is no abnormal sound or rub in the vehicle; 3. Grab the hand-belt tightly and adjust the length properly; 4. Remember to wear protective gear while riding, such as helmet, elbow and kneepad, to avoid unnecessary injuries; 5. Please keep the cushion of the gaiters close to the unicycle when learning; 6. More information contained in the riding part below. 4.3 How to ride 4.3.1–Turn on the power Use one hand to grab the handle, put the vehicle on the ground with the foot pedal put down; Page 9th Press the power button and the indicate light is green; Do not try to ride if the indicate light is red; We recommend you to drag the vehicle forward and backward several times to feel the strength acceleration and deceleration 4.3.2–How to start You may use a wall or something for help when you find the balance at the beginning. Under the help of others, try to stand up on the unicycle and then move forward a little by leaning forward your body. When you get used to it, you can ride F-wheel freely without any help. 4.3.3–Change directions We suggest you to adjust the gradient of the vehicle for turning left or right by adjusting the press of foot, instead of moving your body. 4.3.5–Pay attention to riding safely Page 10th We believe that you have learned how to ride F-wheel self-balancing unicycle. We strongly recommend you challenge the actions you have not tried ONLY on the basis of completely understanding the vehicle performance. The power of F-wheel is limited. It may bring unnecessary hurt with inappropriate operation , so remember to drive carefully. 5. Charging ① There is a lithium-ion battery contained in the vehicle. Make sure the battery is fully charged when you ride it first time; ② Ensure a clean and dry environment when charging. The charger is connected to the F-wheel self-balancing unicycle and AC power outlet and the red indicator light indicates charging is in progress; ③ Charging process will take about four hours and be completed when the indicate light turns green. Page 11th Notice during charging : 1. Only the charger has charging indicator, so the vehicle cannot detect charging; 2. The specific meanings of indicator on the charger are included in the charging section below; 3. DO NOT ride the vehicle while charging. 6. Maintenance PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THE MAINTENANCES ARE ONLY EXECUTED BY PROFESSIONALS. 6.1–Preservation ① Don’t keep your F-wheel in a damp environment; ② Charge F-wheel regularly to extend the battery life even if it would not be used for some time. Please contact us for battery replacement; ③ Use a damp cloth and warm detergent to clean your F-wheel. Page 12th ④ The storage temperature of F-wheel self-balancing unicycle is around 20℃. A temperature that is too high or too low will harm the battery. Do not use the unicycle at an environment with a temperature over 50℃. Do not make a long exposure over 40℃. NOTE: DO NOT put F-wheel in a car for too long in a hot weather. The heat will harm the battery and a dangerous burning may happen. 6.2–Replacing tires ① You need hexagon screwdrivers and a phillF-wheel screwdriver. ② Use a phillF-wheel screwdriver to loosen All screws (including screw on the handle), 7 each side; ③ There are six hexagon screwdrivers under both sides of the pedal. Loose the six screws on the other side of the battery. Note: NEVER twist the screws on the battery side, otherwise there will be no warranty(indicated on the shell). Page 13th ④ After unscrewing these screws, open the plastic cover in order to the handle without affecting the tire removal. There are a number of wires in the handle area. Do not pull off these wires. Now you can replace the tyre and repF the tyre tube. ⑤ Install the cover onto its original position and tighten the screws after reparation. 6.3–Adjust the pedals You may adjust the pedals by twisting the screws to a proper tightness. Page 14th FAQs 1.Starting Up It will take about 2 seconds to power up the F-wheel after you turn on the power and the indicate light turns green. Make sure the unicycle is with moving power before you ride it. Do not try to ride the F-wheel if the indicate light turns red. You may send it for maintenance. 2. Unable to start up If the unicycle has no reaction after turning on the power, please charge the battery immediately. Send for maintenance if the problem cannot be solved with battery fully charged. 3. Low battery The indicate light will turn red and keep flashing when the F-wheel is out of battery. At the same time, the unicycle will limit the speed to a low level by tilting up the pedals. You should stop riding the unicycle and charge it immediately. 4. Red light flashes after charging If the red light keeps flashing after charging, we suggest you to lay the unicycle on the ground with power on for 2 hours. If the problems cannot be solved after you restart the F-wheel, please send it for maintenance. Page 15th 5. Uphill and downhill Since the ability of going uphill and downhill is limited due to the motor power and torque value, we suggest to ride on a low speed when you go uphill and downhill. The F-wheel is more capable at climbing and protected from damage because of a greater torque. 6. Do not accelerate or stop sharply The F-wheel has sufficient capacity to keep the rider balanced during riding. A sharp stop or acceleration may cause dangerous since the motor power and torque value are out of a safe range. Please ride F-wheel carefully for security considerations. 7. Limit your speed The F-wheel keeps balance with enough torque power on any speed. So the only way of limiting the speed is to restrict the rider’s action, which is to tilt up the pedals. When you find the pedals are tilting up highly, stop leaning forward any more to slow down the unicycle. Otherwise it may cause dangerous. 8. Costume or dress F-wheel officially does not interfere any decorative modification on the surface. However, DO NOT change the battery inside or even costume it. We are not responsible for any damages caused by electro circuit which is due to a inappropriate change of battery. F-wheel provides paid maintenance services.

If you wish to learn the one wheel faster, here is the Teach Video.

And below are some detailed tips about the wheel, you will be able to enjoy more pleasure when taking care of this,



Section Two: Two wheel self balancing scooter user guide

l Thank you for choosing the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.

l F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter is a self-balancing electric vehicle with two wheels.

l Before riding, please read the Product Manual carefully and be aware of the Security Warnings and Precautions.

l This product manual can help you understand, use and maintain your F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter quickly.

This manual applies to the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter self-balancing scooter

l In order to avoid danger caused by collisions, falls and loss of control please learn how to drive the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter safely and exercise caution.

l The F-Wheel Ltd and authorized dealers cannot be held liable for injury or damage caused from riding the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.

l Users ride at their own risk.

l You can learn the driving skills needed in this product manual and additional videos.

l This manual has informed all operating instructions and precautions, users must read it carefully and follow the instructions.

l The user is responsible for consequences caused by violating warnings or prompt operations.

l If you want related support services, you can contact your local dealer or visit our website:

l All authorized dealers can be checked at


1、The document overview

1.1 About User Manual

1.2 Driving Risk

1.3 Preparation before Driving

1.4 Related Instructions

2、Product Introduction

2.1 Description of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter

2.2 Description of parts

2.3 Working Principles

3、Control and Information Display Device

3.1 Remote Controller

3.2 Pedal Sensor

3.3 Display Board

4、Safe-using of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter

4.1Weight Limit

4.2 Maximum Driving Range

4.3 Speed Limit

5、Learn driving

5.1 Operation Procedure

5.2 Protection Function

5.3 Practice Driving

6、Safe Driving

7、Usage of Battery

7.1 Battery Power

7.2 Charging Process

7.3 Temperature

7.4 Description of Battery

7.5 Shipping Notes

8、Shipping and Maintenance

8.1 Clean F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter

8.2 Store F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter

9、F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter Parameters

10、Packing list

11、Handle Fault

Enjoy your F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter

  1. The document overview

1.1 Description

Describe safety and warning information to every user to allow them to drive the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter safely.

  • Introduce every part of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter Manual warning and caution help you enjoy it.
  • This manual is only for the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
  • Any questions, please contact the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter company.

1.2 Driving Risk
F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter is for personal transport. The technology and production process has strict testing for every F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
Driving not according to the manual may cause danger.


Falling, losing control, collisions, including failure to obey the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter manual, may cause injury even death. In order to minimize the risk, ensure you read F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter manual carefully.
1.3 Preparation before Driving
Before driving, please check battery charge, using details in fifth chapter. Failure to obey the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter manual may cause injury.
1.4 Related Instructions
Instructions below adapt to all F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter manuals. Please give special attention to the notes below.


  1. Product Introduction

2.1 Description of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter

F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter is a high-tech electric transporter, which based on dynamic balance principles can be controlled forwards, backwards, and stopping. The advantages of the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter are: easy operation, flexible control, low carbon, green environmental protection and suitable for pavements. F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter is widely used in leisure, walking, scenic tours, security patrol and other fields.


2.2 Description of parts

162.3 Working Principles
● F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter uses gyroscope and acceleration sensors to control balance intelligently depending on a centre of gravity. F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter also uses servo-control systems to drive the motor accurately. It is like a human body, when you stand on the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, move your body forward or backward and the power plant will control the wheels forward or backward to keep balance. When you turn you must slow down and move your body left or right.
● Built-in inertia dynamic stabilization systems maintain the direction of forwards and backwards, however, it cannot guarantee the stability of left and right. When you drive F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, please shift your weight in order to overcome the centrifugal force and improve the security whilst turning.


  1. Control and Information Display Device

3.1 Remote Controller

It is a remote controlled device, which you can operate within its maximum distance (5 meters).


The Maximum control distance will gradually decline when the battery power of the remote control drops. If left inactive for 10 minutes the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter will turn itself off. Lock status will increase power consumption and it will not turn off by itself. Please turn off F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter if you intend to leave it unused for a long period of time.

Power Button: After starting the machine, in a stationary position press and hold the switch to turn off the board.
Lock Button:  After starting the machine, in a stationary position press this button to lock and prohibit operation. Press again and the machine will unlock.

3.2 Mat Sensor
There are four sensors under the mat, when the user steps on the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, it will automatically adjust to the balance mode.
● Driving the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, you must ensure that you are stepping on the mats, trample floor mat, please don’t step on parts beside the outlined mats.
● Please do not put items on the mats, which will make F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter unable to switch off, and increase the probability of collision to cause the injury of people or damage to F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.

3.3 Display Board

The display board is located in the middle of the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter. It displays the running information of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
● Battery Display: This green LED lights up to indicate the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter is fully charged, yellow LED lights up to indicate the power is    down to 50%, red LED lights up indicates the power down to 20%, when LED light become red, please recharge.
● Running LED: When the operator triggers the foot switches, the running LED will light up which means that the system enters the running state; when the system has an error message the running LED light will turn red.


  1. Safe-using of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter

About safe-using
We hope every user can ride the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter safely and enjoy the unit. You can recall the memories of learning how to ride a bicycle, drive a car, ski or use other similar means of transportation; all these experiences can be applied to our products.
● Please follow the related content in “Product Manual”. We strongly recommend that you read the “Product Manual” carefully before riding for the first time. Checking whether the wheels are damaged, or parts are loose before driving. If there is any abnormal situations, please contact local dealer for repair.
● Please carefully read the “Product Manual” which will help you with important safety information such as speed limits, vibration alerts and safety shutdown, etc.
● Do not make any use of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter randomly, it will affect the performance of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, even cause serious injury.

4.1 User’s Weight Limit

  • The following two points are the reasons for the weight limit:
  1. Ensure the safety of user.
  2. Reduce the damage due to overload.
  • Maximum Load:135kg.
  • Minimum Load:20kg.
  • 5
  • Overweight may make you in a danger of tumble.

4.2 Maximum Driving Range

There are a lot of factors, which will affect drive distance, such as:
● Landform: A smooth, flat surface will increase the driving distance.
● Weight: The weight of the driver can affect driving distance.
● Ambient temperature: Please ride and store F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter under recommended temperature, which will increase driving distance.
● Maintenance: reasonable battery charging and maintenance will increase the distance.
● Speed and driving style: maintain a moderate speed will increase distance, on the contrary, frequent start/stop, acceleration and deceleration will reduce the distance.

4.3 Speed Limit

  • F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter’s maximum speed is 8 mph.
  • F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter can keep the user in balance within the specified speed limit.
  • F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter will take the initiative to tilt the driver so as to make the speed in a safe range.
  1. Learn driving

It is important to learn and remember the related security matters and notes before riding the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.

5.1 Operation Procedure
● Step 1: Start F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter
Open the charger port of vehicle, press the power button.
● Step 2: Prepare driving
1. Put F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter on flat ground.
2. Put one foot on the pad that will trigger pedal switch to run indicator light, after the system enters the self-balancing mode, put the other foot on the pad.
● Step 3: Control F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter
After standing up successfully, keeping the balance of the centre of gravity can maintain the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter’s stationary state. Use small forward or backward movements through the body, do not move to a large extent.


If user stands on F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter platform when it is not at a level state,

the buzzer will alarm and warning indicator will light up.

At that time the system cannot enter self-balancing status and users are forbidden to operate F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.

  • Step 4: Control Turning

Lean your body to turn in chosen left/right direction.

  • Step 5: Get off
    Keep F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter balanced, step one foot down BEHIND the unit, then the other foot secured quickly.




Driving Schematic

  • DO not turn sharply at high speed to avoid dangerous situations.
  • DO not drive and turn round quickly on slopes, it may cause dangerous issues.

5.2 Protection Function

During operation, if there is a system error or illegal operations, F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter will prompt drivers in different ways.

  • Battery voltage is too low.
  • In charging.
  • Riding process, the following is forbidden in uphill.
  • Over-speed.
  • Battery shortage.
  • Car body rocking back and forth over 30S.
  • System enters protection mode, alarm indicator will light up, buzzer will alarm.
  • Platform forward or backward more than 35 degrees, vehicle will turn the engine off.
  • Wheel blocked, AIRBOARD will halt after 2 seconds.
  • Battery is insufficient below protection, AIRBOARD will turn the engine off after 15 seconds.
  • Sustained high discharge current performance AIRBOARD will turn the engine off after 15 seconds.


When F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter engine is off, system will halt, press Battery Display to unlock. Do not continue driving F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter when the battery is exhausted or the system issues the stop information, it is dangerous. Continued driving under low power will affect battery life.

5.3 Practice Driving

Learn how to ride F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter in an open field until you can get on and off the vehicle, forward and backward, turn and stop easily.
● Dress in casual clothes and flat shoes.
● You can drive F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter in outdoor spaces until you can easily control, get on, off the vehicle, forward and backward, turn and stop easily.
● Drive on flat ground.
● You can drive F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter in different terrain, please slow down in unfamiliar terrain.
● F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter is design to be a personal transporter driven on flat ground, if you drive in different terrain, please slow down and exercise caution.
● If you are not skilled at driving F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, please avoid driving it in crowded places. When you go through a door, please make sure F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter can pass normally.
● Exercise respectful use.

  1. Safe Driving

This section provides some safety knowledge and cautionary statements, letting you learn about the safety precautions before using the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
To ensure that you can safely drive F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, please be sure to read product manuals and comply with the relevant safety instructions. Please note all the safety warnings and safety cautions that are mentioned in the product manuals, which can make driving the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter safer and more fun.

  • 5
  • At any time using the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, it may cause injury if you lose control, collide or fall down.
    ● When you are driving F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, make sure to take all the safety measures, such as: Wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other protective gear.
    ● F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter is only used for personal entertainment use.
    ● It is prohibited to use on motorway / roads.
    ● Do not allow children, the elderly, or pregnant women drive it.
    ● Do not drive after drinking or using drugs.
    ● Do not carry items when you are driving it.
    ● When driving F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, please comply with local traffic laws, give way to pedestrians.
    ● Please be alert to things in front or far away from you, keeping good vision will help you drive F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter safer.
    ● Make sure the feet are always riding on the pads.
    ● Please wear suitable sports apparel to drive F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, so that you can deal with emergencies better.
    ● F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter can only be driven by one person, it cannot be driven by two or more people.
    ● Users and their belongings should not exceed the maximum load (300Lbs), or it would make users more easily fall or get injured during the course of driving, and even cause F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter functional damage. In addition, the driver should not be less than 20kg, which will result in the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter being unable to operate, especially on downhill; where the driver can’t reduce speed or stop safely.
    ● Ensure the speed within a safety range.
    ● When you drive F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter along with other users, please keep a certain distance between each other to avoid a collision.
    ● You should always keep in mind your height has increased 10 centimeters, be carefully when you pass doors or similar.
    ● When turning, please keep balance.
    ● Do not allow distractions when driving F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, such as answering the phone, listening to music, or engaging in any other activities.
    ● Do not allow to drive on slippery road in rain, reverse turning with a high-speed and long range high-speed.
    ● The personal transport is not a form of medical equipment.Therefore, the user must use it without external force to help F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
    ● Do not drive in a dark place.
    ● Avoid driving on a particularly smooth surface, such as: Snow, ice, and slippery floor.
    ● Do not drive in road with obstacles, such as twigs, littler or small stones, etc.
    ● Avoid driving in narrow space.
    ● Avoid driving on a steep slope.
    ● Avoid driving in an unsafe place around flammable gas, steam, liquid, dust, fiber which could cause fire and explosion accidents.
  1. Usage of Battery

This section mainly describe the charging method of F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, how to maintain the battery, some security issues, and battery specifications. For user’s safety and improved battery performance, please follow these operations using the battery.

7.1 Battery Power
You must stop driving if F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter displays low power, or it may affect lifetime and cause dangerous problems.
Don’t use the battery if the following occurs.
● Emit odor or overheat.
● Don’t touch any leaking materials.
● Children and animals are forbidden to touch battery.
● The charger must be taken out before installing or driving or it may cause danger.
● Battery contains dangerous substances, do not open the battery, do not insert anything into the battery.
● Please use the charger provided by F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
● Don’t charge the battery that has over discharged. It should be abandoned for safety.
● F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter battery should be used to obey local law.

7.2 Charging Process
● Ensure charging port is dry.
● Open the charging port.
● Plug the charging cable into the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter, make sure green indicator lights up, then connect the cable with the power supply(100V~240V; 50,60 HZ).
● The red light indicates that it begins to charge, otherwise check whether the cable is connected.
● When the indicator light goes from red to green, it indicates that power is fully charged. At this time, please stop charging, over-charging will affect lifetime.
● Use local standard plug.
● Charge and store battery as suggested, otherwise it will damage the battery. The charging time is about 1-3 hours.
● Keep the charged environment clean and dry.


7.3 Temperature

  • The best charge temperature is 0℃~40℃. Over cold and over heat will not result in a completely full battery.

7.4 Description of Battery

Contents Parameters
Battery Lithium Battery
Charging 2~3h
Voltage 36V
Initial Capacity 2~4Ah
Working Temperature -15℃~50℃
Charging Temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage Time(-20℃~25℃) 12months
Storage Humidity 5%~95%

7.5 Shipping Notes


Lithium battery is dangerous articles. Shipping lithium should be allowed only by local law.


Please contact F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter or our authorized agent, and then F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter can send you support according to your requirement.

  1. Shipping and Maintenance
    F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter requires the user to do routine maintenance.
    This chapter describes maintenance steps and important operating tips.
    Before you perform the following operations, ensure the power and charging cable is disconnected, if the power or the battery is charging, the operation is not allowed.
    8.1 Clean F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter
    ● Disconnect the charger and turn off F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
    ● Wipe the cover.
  • 5
  • Avoid using water or other liquids on the F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter for cleaning. The IP is 54. If water or other liquids seep into the unit, it will cause permanent damage to the internal electronics.
    8.2 Store F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter
    ● Fully charge your battery before storing.
    ● If you store F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter more than one month, please remove the battery and charge it at least every three months.
    ● If the storage ambient temperature is below 0℃, please do not charge. You can bring the vehicle into a warm environment( above 10℃)for charging.
    ● To prevent dust, you can cover F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter.
    ● Store F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter indoors, in a dry and suitable temperature. If you do not use it for a long time, please do not connect the power.
  • 5
  • Users who disassemble F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter without permission will be regarded as giving up the right of warranty.
    9. F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter Parameters
    Units of measurement: mm


Style  Parameter Remark
Net Weight 10 kg
Load 20-100 kg Include rider and belongings
Maximum speed limit


10 km/h
Range 15-20 km Terrain, riding style and payload

may affect range

Max climbing limit


15° Load different effect climbing limit
Minimums turning radius
Battery Lithium-ion
Power requirement AC100-240v/ 50-60 HZ Applied to the global
Dimensions 584*186*178 mm
Ground clearance 30 mm
Platform height 110 mm
Tire non-pneumatic hollow tire
Battery capacity 4.4 AH
Battery voltage 36V
  1. Packing list

F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter List

Number Product Name Quantity
1 Unit body 1
2 Charger 1
3 Remote controller 2
4 Product Manual 1
5 Warranty Card 1
6 Certificate of Approval 1

Please make sure the packaging is intact, any questions please contact us as soon as possible.

  1. Handle Fault

F-wheel two wheel self balancing scooter has self-examination function, such as sensors, the system static current, system dynamic current,

motor speed fluctuation, etc. You can contact our service department to solve problems.

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