Some Knowledge about the New Design Device in 2015 Give You a Different Fresh Feeling

Some Knowledge about the New Design Device in 2015 Give You a Different Fresh Feeling

High-end Brand Affordable Now-F-Wheel, the Forerunner of Electric Unicycle
Abstract: Intelligent scooter, as a new transportation, is worth spending more time, when we go shopping. F-Wheel is known as a worldwide famous brand, but its price is lower than others. F-Wheel R3 is the only product which has mature market and customers in the sector of intelligent scooters.

People are relatively cautious when buying a car. With the development of different kinds of modern intelligent scooters, people find a new way to go out, beside cycling, walking, driving and public transportation, which makes their lives more colorful.

With regard to the intelligent scooters in current market, there are mainly two types. The one is the advanced intelligentelectric self-balancing scooter, which is more than 10000, so it hasn’t been accepted by ordinary people. However, it is applied to many fields, for example police patrol, transportation for celebrities when they hold concert or participate in activities and so on. The other is the intelligent electric unicycle, which is widely accepted by young adults. It has two types: twin-wheeled and one-wheeled. Some products have broken the price bottom line, entered the market and been accepted by customers. They turn twin-wheeled self-balancing scooters suitable for ordinary life, like F-Wheel.

A product must have more than one similar brand in market with different prices. Each product aims at a special segment. The intelligent scooter covers the market all over the world. To increase demand and decrease class, we make a change in price to attract the low-end market. Nowadays, many people know there is a new transportation called intelligent scooter.

F-Wheel is widely regarded as a national brand of intelligent transportation internationally. However, its price is below other brands. People take it for grant that the more famous the brand is, the more expensive its product is. Except the cost, we assure that because less is more, intelligent scooters haven’t been adopted widely. F-Wheel R3 is the only product which has mature market and customers in the sector of intelligent scooters.

Ninebot and Segway both are priced too high. F-Wheel fully understands the importance of popularization, so we balance between world-class material, weight and cost when design, which makes customer delightfully to talk about the value for money.

To intelligent self-balancing scooters, the value for money is the key. It is not at all worth spending thousands on buying a car. From perspective of look and performance, F-Wheel is not inferior to any scooter worthy of 10000. A good scooter brand not only insists its idea from the beginning and consistently provides innovation and perfect experience for customers, but also keep the price low and bring intelligence to society. Go out by F-Wheel self-balancing scooters, you have high-tech and friendly environment. You will never regret!

F-Wheel electric self-balancing scooter Q1, the best choice of green commuting
Abstract: Nowadays, the problem of environmental protection has become the concern of every consumer. To protect the environment, it is necessary to start from individuals; meanwhile green commuting is a life style that strongly advocated by our country. F-Wheel electric self-balancing scooter Q1 as a high quality green transport was rolled out after bicycles and electric cars.

F-Wheel electric scooter Q1, which is extremely cool, has now become the most favorite means of transport of people. It combines fashion, avant-garde and environmental protection perfectly, which is a rare vehicle that suitable for people to choose as the way of commuting.

Nowadays, the problem of environmental protection has become the concern of every consumer. To protect the environment, it is necessary to start from individuals; meanwhile green commuting is a life style that strongly advocated by our country. F-Wheel electric self-balancing scooter Q1 as a high quality green transport was rolled out after bicycles and electric cars, which aims to carry on green commuting.

F-Wheel electric two-wheel scooter Q1 enjoys great popularity in the market now and crazes all over the country. Why it is so popular? Three reasons will be cited.

Primarily, the appearance of F-Wheel intelligent self-balancing scooter Q1 is quite trendy. It uses a fashionable streamline design that makes it smooth and clean. It caters for the consumption demand of lots of young people and allows the rider to become the limelight easily.

Another contributing factor is that electric power introduced in F-Wheel intelligent two-wheeled scooter Q1 is environmentally-friendly and energy-saving. Obviously, it is a kind of high-quality green transport. Electric energy is used as driving force. Compared with the traditional gasoline-powered vehicles and motorcycles, F-Wheel intelligent two-wheeled scooter Q1 would neither cause contamination to the environment nor do harm to human body. In addition, it is not only environmentally-friendly but also energy-saving. The power consumption of this car is low enough to serve a few tens of kilometers’ drive after charging. So it would not bring any embarrassment to consumers and is a real green commuting product.

Last but not the least, F-Wheel electric self-balancing scooter Q1 is very simple and convenient operation. Compared with other traditional transport products, its structure is uncomplicated and it is not fussy to operate. Only if the users, even the older people, read the instructions carefully, can they drive it well easily. F-Wheel electric self-balancing scooter Q1 is not only simple to drive but also safe and reliable that people can set their mind at rest to drive this car.

As a high quality environmentally-friendly and energy-saving vehicles, F-Wheel intelligent self-balancing scooter Q1 wins consistent affirmation by consumers with its various advantages. It is F-Wheel intelligent self-balancing scooter Q1 that the best commuting product.

F-Wheel R5 single wheel electric scooter Receives Rave Reviews from Its Users
Abstract: F-Wheel R5 single wheel electric scooter is a feature-rich one wheel electric scooter that is remarkable for its usefulness and fun riding. The F-Wheel electric unicycle has been greatly appreciated by its users.

With F-Wheel R5, the company offers an innovative and fun way to travel short distances and save energy. The R5 model is easy to ride and one can easily develop the essential riding skills after a few days’ practice. This one-wheeled electric scooter from F-Wheel is greatly popular among the modern population and the company often receives rave reviews from its actual users.

One of the happy users of F-Wheel R5 reveals, “This product F-Wheel R5 was a lot more awesome than I had anticipated. After initially receiving the Mars Rover it took about a week of practice 20 minutes a day to learn how to ride comfortably at a high-speed.” F-Wheel R5 has light weight and has a compact design that allows a user to roll it at a significant speed. Due to its small size, one can easily move through congested and crowded roads. This makes this electric unicycle more useful for the contemporary as well as future times, as the urban population and on-road vehicles are growing at an alarming rate.

F-Wheel R5 features a robust and durable design, allowing a person to drive it safely and comfortably on different terrains. One of the users opines about its usefulness and ease of riding, “In my opinion, it is durable, not too heavy and fantastically convenient. I do a lot of walking and this has cut down the amount of walking and on top of that it is really fun to roll on a battery-operated unicycle. After becoming what I consider an expert at riding, I started to take my dog on walks with it. Now I take my dogs on runs with it without breaking a sweat.”

The self-balancing unicycle from F-Wheel has brought a lot of possibilities for the modern riders and this is the reason why they are appreciating this unicycle. A great convenience, risk-free and eco-friendly way of traveling is the latest trend and F-Wheel’s innovation and hard works are the key behind the emergence of this green way of living. To learn more about F-Wheel R5 and other unicycle models available with the company, one may visit their website

Encountering among a Sea of People, F-Wheel Q3 Self-balancing Scooter Accompanies You
Abstract: What is a future city like? What about future urban traffic? Which traffic mode will people select in the future? Answers to these questions are indeed not far away from us, and especially as F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle appears, we are increasingly exposed to the future world.

With scientific and technological development, the gap between mankind and the future world narrows. Especially in the aspect of travelling, the advent of F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle shows even more the role of science and technology in guiding us to move toward the future world.

F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle, as a future transport tool that R&D personnel strive to create by integrating the cutting-edge technologies at present, is featured by portability, excellent dynamic performance, strong endurance, etc. And it has now been extremely popular among office workers, students and solo travellers.

F-Wheel Q3 electric intelligent unicycle is a high-quality, affordable, green and environmentally friendly transport tool. It holds a top speed at 18km/h, maximum load of up to 120kg and the shortest charging time of only 90min. Additionally, F-Wheel Q3 electric self-balancing unicycle is equipped with an advanced intelligent processing system and the state-of-the-art processor in the globe, substantially increasing performance of the unicycle and enabling it to work well in multiple complex environments.

F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle is designed to focus on users’ safe experience; designers therefore ensure safety of users in use through links such as speed limit protection, low battery protection, tilt protection and safety tips. Such a design can not only further protect safety of users, but also dramatically prolong service life of the unicycle.

For females fond of shopping but easily getting tired, F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle provides an amazing solution due to its small size, portability and other advantages.

Today, it is doubtless the migration of more and more people into cities increases the burden of urban traffic, impedes rapid urban development and throws people’s valuable time in congestions. As a result, how to travel rapidly increasingly becomes a question to people, which is effectively addressed by F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle as it turns out to be a convenient transport tool.

With F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle, office workers no longer have to worry about road congestions and are able to rapidly shuttle among the crowd freely. As cities pursue environmental protection and rapid transportation, F-Wheel Q3 electric unicycle will undoubtedly be preferred for fast travel in the future.

Start Your New Life from F-Wheel Q3 electric one wheel scooter
Are you still riding your bicycle? F-Wheel Q3 self-balancing electric unicycle has made its debut. No more hesitancy, or you’ll miss the trend. The F-Wheel Q3 self-balancing electric unicycle is considered the new generation of personal transportation.
It’s smart and can be charged quickly. It’s fast and loading capacity is up to 120kg. With the F-Wheel Q3, you’ll free of the bother caused by buses and subway. The Q3 will start your new journey of being a trendsetter.
The pace of city life is getting faster and we have no choice but to catch up with this tempo. A good choice of personal transportation may help you boost your efficiency. The most despairing thing is perhaps that you are going to be late for work but the bus seems never to come. The F-Wheel Q3 is to liberate you from this agony.

The F-Wheel Q3 is a future-concept personal vehicle that is based on the aerospace attitude control system and fuzzy algorithm. The rider just has to lean the body forward and backward to make the device to go forward and backward. It’s kind of like a unicycle without a saddle, yet it’s much easier to keep balance. Given that the wheel weighs only 10kg, it’s very convenient to carry it when you enter the subway or climb a flight of stairs.
Apart from this, the F-Wheel Q3 is geared with a 132wh Sony battery which only needs 90 minutes to get a full charge. The unit can run at a speed up to 18km/h. the maximum climbing angle can reach 18 degree when the loading weight is 60kg, which means that the device can easily cope with different terrains. In addition, the Q3 has safety precaution. For example, before the battery dies out or when the wheel rolls too fast or when the tilting angle is over 45 degree, the safety system will be activated and the buzzer will beep to alert the rider.

Environment and health are gaining more and more attention by people as the pollution becomes a global problem. The self-balancing electric unicycle is born under such urgent moment. The F-Wheel Q3 is a shining star among its competitors. If you are fed up with the dusky sky and want to get rid of the sagged state of daily routine, you’d better buy yourself a smart transportation such as the F-Wheel Q3. With it, you not only can have more fun but also can make your individual contribution to a better environment.
The F-Wheel Q3 self-balancing unicycle represents a trending culture which coincides with the green earth campaign. The F-Wheel Q3 is your optimal choice no matter if you are a student, office worker or if you are fond of traveling.

F-Wheel Electric Self-Balancing Scooter is the latest trend of transportation
For the Humans, the way of locomotion has gone through a great evolution. Prior to the primitive time, humans used to creep like other animals. In the primitive time, humans started walking upright. In ancient time, with the invention of the wheel, the animal-drawn vehicles came into existence. During the industrial revolution, science and technology offered us trains, airplanes and steamboats as well as cars and automobiles. The use of carbon based fuels in automobiles polluted the environment. This necessitated to reconsider the ways of human locomotion. And thus, the world is thinking about green vehicles, such as an F-Wheel electric self-balancing scooter.
An F-Wheel electric scooter can address several issues of the contemporary times, such as energy crisis, environmental degradation, traffic congestion and others. More importantly, people have started focusing on an affordable and safe way of transportation to clutter through the busy city traffic. These are some of the common reasons why F-Wheel self-balancing scooters are now recognized as the futuristic mode of transportation. With a low emission rate and less pressure on the consumption of petroleum based fuels, the world will become a safer and friendlier place not only for the present generation, but also for the coming generations.
The human transportation system has witnessed a great evolution over the years. Many believe that electric scooters are the latest development in the evolution of the locomotion system for humans.

A self-balancing unicycle runs on chargeable batteries that do not emit greenhouse gases in a significant amount. The unicycles, with their small size and low weight, consume less amount of energy and prove an economical mode of transportation in comparison to cars, bikes and other vehicles. Moreover, one can enjoy a fun way of traveling and it could be a good workout too. A rider can enjoy a great flexibility and can choose it for his/her personal transportation in a desired manner. The person can enjoy a full control on its movement and speed and can use it to carry small loads as well.

The company also offers two wheel self-balancing electric scooter models for people who often hesitate riding a unicycle. Whether it’s a one-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicle, one can rest assured of enjoying the F-Wheel’s signature features. To learn more about their single-wheeled or double-wheeled self-balancing scooters, one may visit their websitehttp://www.F-Wheel.net/.

F-Wheel R5, A New Generation of Attention Getter
Abstract: The F-Wheel R5 is an electricity powered and self-balanced personal transporter. The stylish appearance makes it an attention getter and thus favored by the young people. The F-Wheel R5 electric self-balancing scooter is one of the most popular models served as replacement to traditional vehicles.
The science is a double-edge sword. It brings about convenience to life yet it also causes troubles to human beings. The advancement in transportation also falls into such loop. The invention of personal cars highly increases the efficiency of traveling and revolutionize the daily travel mode of the people worldwide. Yet, as the number of private cars in a city spikes up, problems occur. The roads and streets become extremely busy and traffic congestion becomes a common occasion. The F-Wheel R5 comes as a solution to these problems and enables you to scoot freely in crowded street.

To alleviate the congestion problem, many initiatives and actions have been made, including limiting the traffic flow and implementing odd-and-even license plate rule. However, the effect of these measures is limited. To solve a problem, one has to find its nidus. The reason why there are so many cars on the roads is that people rely too much on cars for commuting. Therefore, if there is such a vehicle that can commute people to work and is much smaller than a car, the problem of traffic congestion would be solved or at least alleviated. The F-Wheel R5 is such a device. It’s small in size and very powerful, which is suitable for short distance travel. The self-balancing electric unicycle is sure to bring about a revolution in transportation.

The F-Wheel R5 is a model of self-balancing electric unicycle that is based on the gyro technology. The device can keep itself balanced. Though 11.1kg in weight, the rated load of the F-Wheel R5 can reach 120kg, which is quite enough for a male adult. The unicycle can reach a maximum speed of 18km/h and the range is up to 23km, which makes it the perfect tool for daily commuting.
The F-Wheel R5 self balancing electric scooter is ergonomically designed. People can use it as a recreation tool for weekend outing, or as a daily commuting tool for work. The F-Wheel R5 is your optimal choice.

F-Wheel Low Carbon Travel
Abstract: F-Wheel self-balancing electric unicycle endeavors to provide the best products to customers with the aim to make products that are both green and high quality. By providing a solution to traffic congestions, the company is also introducing a green lifestyle to the public.
The transportation has been evolving since human beings began to use tools to replace walking. Gone are the vehicles unfitted to the era, and emerged are those meeting the demand of the new era. Once upon a time, horses and cattle were effective transportation. Later in industrial time, there emerged steam powered vehicles. Now, transportation vehicles vary. Cars, buses, trains, subway, scooters are all ways of going to places.
F-Wheel Self-Balancing Unicycle is Your Optimal Choice for Commuting
Abstract: F-Wheel, As a leading self-balancing unicycle producer, can be the alternative to traditional gas-fueled transport vehicles. F-Wheel electric unicycle turns out to be the best solution with its superior performance.
As the city becomes ever more crowded and the streets are often traffic burdened, people are coming to realize that cars may no longer be suitable for daily commute, because on the one hand cars may not be efficient vehicles when there’s traffic jam, and on the other hand the exhaust may cause severe air pollution. Travelling by latest low-carbon transporter such as electric unicycle instead of a car can be a new choice for many people.

The F-Wheel electric unicycle, with its sleek design, solid performance and superior price performance, has won a major global market share and numerous favorable comments since its launch. It’s small in size and easy-to-learn. The rider can scoot it to the destination and stow it easily without taking much space.
Designed as a personal transporter for short trips, the F-Wheel electric unicycle contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle as bicycle. Yet when it comes to storage and portability, even a folding bike can take much more room than an electric unicycle. Therefore electric unicycles are favored by lots of urban commuters. In addition, compared with scooter, electric unicycle electric one wheel features much shorter charging time and sufficient range per charge and has hence taken as the first option for short trips in many modern families.
In terms of safety, the F-Wheel electric unicycle is equipped with a world leading intelligent drive system (aviation attitude control, fuzzy software algorithm and gyro-system) to achieve the longitudinal balance. When it comes to safety measures at night, the F-Wheel electric unicycle is equipped with a front light, a brake light and LED atmosphere lights, which guarantee safe riding at night. Moreover, F-Wheel riders are protected by an intelligent chip which activates safety measures such as speed limit protection, low battery protection, tilting protection, battery protection and charge protection when necessary.

Riding F-Wheel can be fun. Unlike a unicycle, F-Wheel requires little balancing skills as the wheel is self-balanced due to the built in gyro sensors. The rider just have to hip on the pedals and lean the body forward, backward or sideways to let the unit go at the expected direction. It’s a smart gadget designed exclusively for short distance travel.

F-Wheel self-balancing electric unicycle: are you going low carbon today?
It’s an undeniable fact that the transportation functions as a driver that propels the advancement of the society in the technology, politics and economy. However, as the society advances, it will in turn promote the development of transportation. In the past few decades, people have been focused on the pursuit of speed of vehicles, because people want to get to a place faster. However, the gas-fueled vehicles, fast enough as they are, cause great polluting pressure to the environment. The government and the public have begun to realize the backlash and the urgency to protect the environment. Many campaigns have been launched to promote the low carbon lifestyles. The F-Wheel was born under such circumstances.
The F-Wheel self-balancing electric unicycle is an environmental friendly personal transportation powered by the original Sony lithium battery. It’s a green vehicle as it is low carbon and energy efficient with zero emission. Highly chargeable, the battery can be recharged for more than 1800 times with the battery life 2.9 times longer than ordinary batteries.

As a leading brand in the intelligent portable transportation market, the F-Wheel endeavors to make its products both green and of high quality. The F-Wheel sells not the products, but also tries to introduce the green lifestyle to the public. Speed is no longer a criteria to a good vehicle. People are considering a new form of vehicle that is eco-friendly. The F-Wheel is committed to bring to the public this kind of vehicles that meet the demand of modern people.
F-Wheel R3 2-wheeled Intelligent Scooter, Travel Smart, Travel Green.
Abstract: You become sick of the haze, and you’ve got tired of the traffic congestion. You want to make your own contribution to a green earth, and you want to see a blue sea and the blue sky. You want to whiz through crowds freely and you want to lead an unrestrained life. Well, the F-Wheel R3 can satisfy all your expectations and help you care for the environment.
Environmental-friendly, the F-Wheel R3 is driven by electricity and emits no exhaust to the air. It can be part of your green lifestyle. The R3 is fitted with dual intelligent chips and a potent lithium battery core originally produced by Sony. For different needs, the capacity of R3 has two options, 520kwh and 680kwh.

Another feature of R3 is its lightness. You can’t imagine such a personal transporter weighs only 22.4kg. But it is true. It can be carried to nearly everywhere. The reason why the R3 can be so light lies mainly in its material. The case of the R3 is made with polymer nano-materials which is extremely light yet very durable at the same time. The F-Wheel R3 can be used for commuting or outing as it greatly saves your walking time while offering you much fun.
Apart from these features, another notable advantage about the R3 is its agility. In the street, where cars outnumber people, traffic congestions are the most common occasions. The F-Wheel R3 can take you whiz through lanes and pavements and leave others anxiously waiting in cars. The R3 is the choice of the young people.

No matter you admit it or not, the traditional means of transportation are being replaced by the the F-Wheel R3 2-wheeled electric scooter. The world will witness a new era that belongs to the R3. As spring approaches, why not scoot your R3 and go out into the nature?

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