Spanish Customers Visit DYU & F-wheel at the Beginning of October 2018

spanish customer visit dyu & F-wheel

Spanish customers visit DYU & F-wheel at the beginning of October 2018. Though F-wheel company are still on National Holiday vocation in China, they come back to the office immediately especially for the visit of their beloved and respected Spanish customers.spanish customer visit dyu & F-wheel

Spanish customer talks about the DYU electric bike product features, prices and shipment to Europe in the meeting. All the sales department staff of DYU & F-wheel company listen to the needs of the customer and make a detailed plan to meet the needs of the customer.

spanish customer visit dyu & F-wheel

The customer is testing and trying out the DYU ebike products.

spanish customer visit dyu & F-wheel

Finally, the customer is satisfied with the product and service, and place a big order on the products. In the near future, people will see DYU smart bike all over the streets of Spain.


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