Successful! 6000 DYU Bikes Are All Speed Ahead to Customers

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DYU e-bike product crowdfunding is successful & almost perfect through the efforts of F-wheel team, especially the CEO of F-wheel, Li Wei. During the activity, over 6 thousand e-bikes were sold out and with excellent manufacturing and management experience, F-wheel factory succeeded in producing all the bikes and delivering the e-bikes to each customer.

Now let’s take a brief view of the whole celebrating conference and the factory goods to be delivered scenes.

Famous China singer Lisa volunteered to be the spokesperson for F-wheel.


F-wheel is holding a celebrating conference and over 3 hundred people attend the meeting, including resellers, distributors, factory manager and F-wheel loyal fans.


The brand new e-bikes to be shipped. Each e-bike has an exciting and aspiring customer behind.


Parts of black color e-bikes standing on the factory floor elegantly, just like talking about their new owners.


Packaged DYU e-bikes.


Thousands of boxes of DYU bikes to be shipped.


In the truck. Good luck good boys. Wish you a happy trip with your new masters!


Leave a message below or send an enquiry to get the e-bike: https://www.fwheel.cc/product/dyu-smart-bike-d1/

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