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10 Mind Numbing Facts About iCarbot

icarbot swagtron-hoverboard-amazon-1

Number 1: iCarbot is not a hoverboard. But it works like hoverboard or self balancing scooter. Easier to handle with. Lean to go. Controled by human body weight.   Here is the right place to get the hoverboard.   Number 2: iCarbot is lighter than Hoverboard. It weighs only 5.5 Kg . Compared to the […]

11-month-old Hoverboard Baby in Utah Become Famous


It’s surprising but a Utah 11-month-old rises to viral popularity as ‘The Hoverboard Child’ A Utah baby is going viral after displaying an uncommon feat for an 11-month-old– riding his moms and dads’ hoverboard. Caden Neumeyer of Salt Lake City stars in a collection of video clips published to YouTube by his moms and dads, […]

5 Most Creative Ways for the Last Mile Going Home – Crazy but Fun

creatives ways going home

What’s the most dashing way to swagger through the stress wearing a pair of cool sunglasses?  Tired of Going home with legs, it’s real time to find something fun and exciting to color up the grey sky. Let’s scream through the street attracting the eyebows of boys and girls on those splendid tools! 1. iCarbot Have […]