The Beautiful Scenery of Self-balancing Electric One wheel is to Show up infront of People

How does it work?

The F-wheel is an electric self-balancing unicycle. It has gyro sensors and a balancing computerized system like a Segway. To turn the F-wheel on you press the red button, and after you press it you will see how the F-wheel suddenly becomes more stabilized. This system will help you learn how to get balanced more easily.
Weighs about 19.56 kg, the F-wheel Q3 self-balancing scooter is capable of running at a speed of 18 kmph. The F-wheel Q3 self-balancing scooter known as a smart commuting vehicle comes with features that enhance safety and control. Its self-balancing mechanism articulates to the movements of the rider and the responsive design makes the ride extra smooth. All those who want to experience a true rider’s delight can indulge in it and make the most of personal travel.
The scooter comes with a dynamic contour offering a dynamic exterior look and optimum functionality. The fully enclosed design protects the scooter and frees the users from water and motor oil leakage. The ultra-big screen near the handle offers great clarity of readings. The screen is replaceable and upgradeable as well. The other impressive features are anti-collision design behind the handlebar that minimizes the impact caused by collisions or scratches. The Q3 Intelligent self-balancing scooter comes with a completely sealed circuit board that helps users drive the scooter on rough, wet and muddy terrains.

The Q3 also comes with dual Bluetooth speaker with Hi-Fi sound quality and the intelligent Bluetooth chip allows riders to tune in to their favorite music. The LED Atmosphere light is yet another interesting feature that offers a safe steering experience in the night with flashing/ breathing/ flowing effects.

Abstract: Through years’ unswerving efforts, self-balancing scooters have been rolled out by F-wheel.

Through years’ unswerving efforts, self-balancing scooters have been rolled out by F-wheel. Amongst these models, the latest intelligent self-balancing scooter Q3 integrates the most powerful performance of the former models with the most amazing design. Thus, Q3 can be termed as the climax of F-wheel’s technology and design. Q-series, for example, Q1, Q3 and Q6, acts as an upgraded version of R-series. Built on R-series, the structure of monocycle underwent a tiny change and was transformed into the twin-wheeled structure, namely the current Q-series. This tweak in structure is minute, but it is regarded as a sheer ground-breaking creation. The twin-wheeled structure further makes sure balance and enhances the ease of use, which lies behind the enormous popularity of Q-series.

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Notwithstanding, R-series electric monocycle has never been put in shade by Q-series and S-series. The ultimate character of R-series consists in its single-wheeled structure. On the contrary, such structure is also the main culprit that scares away a good many of common users. In eyes of a skilful rider adept in steering scooter, the single-wheeled structure is more a disadvantage than an advantage of R-series. The single-wheel structure confers excellent agility on R-series. On R-series, Riders are capable to steer their vehicles agilely and turn a corner nimbly, unlike Q-series on which riders have to spend more time on turning a lager circle for a turning.

Abstract: Through years’ unswerving efforts, self-balancing scooters have been rolled out by F-wheel.

In addition to the agility, scooter-riding is seen by scooter enthusiasts as a form of entertainment as well a presentation of riding skill. A skilful scooter rider intends to present his/her fancy tricks, including turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down and even pushing a car while standing on it. Through showing off his thrilling tricks, he tries to demonstrate his skill of riding in face of audiences. Indeed, audiences are always impressed highly by his accomplished skill. Imagine that what if a skilful rides a self-balancing scooter of Q-series to show off his skill of riding. This demonstration is futile and no more than an utter waste of time.
In another way, common people shrink away from R-series and are impressed by it. As a result, the masses detest R-series as admire it.

F-wheel Q5 Review: A Different Experience with Electric Unicycle

The F-wheel Q5 is a twin-wheeled gyro-stabalized unicycle by F-wheel Technology. Apart the multiple functions inherited from Q-series, F-wheel Q5 has an upgraded chip and improved chassis. The F-wheel Q5 is kind of like a motorcycle version of a Segway, but smaller, lighter, easier to transport and a lot more fun to ride. The controls are simple: Lean forward to go forward, and backward to slow down or stop. There are no hand controls, leaving hands free.

An estimated twelve mile range is capable for this electric unicycle. The charging time is a bit over an hour, though the actual range in practice will depend on the terrain, rider weight, and probably riding style. The trip to my nearest post office has a big hill that’s pretty respectably steep and over half a mile long. The F-wheel hauls my 180 pound body up that hill at full speed with ease. I’m not sure what the actual elevation gain is, but I do know that takes an impressive amount of energy.
Remember that the F-wheel Q5 actively balances forward and back. If you do hit an uneven spot in the pavement, you just step off and take a few steps to recover. You’re not going that fast, and your feet are only a few inches off the ground, so you just have to step off the foot platforms. Though I have lost my balance and had to step off hundreds of times, I have never wrecked or fallen down. The F-wheel Q5 is very well built and durable. So in conclusion, this electric unicycle is a wonderful little transportation device. It’s innovative and very fun to ride.

One thing you need to pay attention is to pad your ankles. Once you learn to ride the electric unicycle, you won’t need any padding and you will feel completely comfortable just hopping on and taking off, but while you’re learning your ankles will get bruised easily if you don’t wear thick padding. A good start would be a double layer of thick hiking socks, but that won’t be enough by itself. You can even just wrap some towels or T-shirts around your ankles and hold them in place with straps under your pants. You’ll have a much more pleasant experience that way.
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The recipe for activities in the street-riding the eye-catching electric unicycle
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Abstract: F-wheel scooter might be no longer unfamiliar to people now. It serves as a short-distance alternative transport, influencing people’s way of locomotion. There is a vogue for it all over the world. But this is not the whole story.

F-wheel scooter might be no longer unfamiliar to people now. It serves as a short-distance alternative transport, influencing people’s way of locomotion. There is a vogue for it all over the world. But this is not the whole story.
F-wheel electric unicycle has come into people’s sight somehow, weaving through the crowded street without putting up with the ceaseless waiting caused by traffic congestion. Now there is a vogue for it, thus it is ubiquitous in parks or squares. Youngsters like riding it to show off their fancy tricks. However,some special and amazing ways to steer F-wheel scooter will be introduced to you here. It must give you a different take on F-wheel scooter.
Christmas Fathers steering F-wheel scooter

In a certain shopping mall in USA, Christmas Fathers were steering F-wheel scooter to whizz about the shopping mall and handout their small gifts. The traditional elk-drawn sled formerly fixed in people’s mind has given place to the more convenient and handy vehicle-scooter.
The ingenious exterior design of F-wheel scooter adds to the allure and presence of riders who zoom about in the street.
A Swiss waiter applying scooter to serve.

As the sun set and the lamp lights in the street turned on, a Swiss waiter rode the F-wheel scooter with holing the tray. He was, it seemed, just back from delivery.
Trundling in the street with ease, he held the tray and glasses quite steadily. F-wheel scooter owns an excellent balance and a longer range. It makes delivery no longer an errand, but an enjoyment.
A new recipe for handing out leaflets in the street.

In the photo, a young man in white was handing out leaflets together with his company. Both of them were riding F-wheel scooters. This promotion enthralled a good many pedestrians. F-wheel scooter added spice to the dull routine work of handing out leaflets in the street.
F-wheel scooter serves as a way of locomotion as well as amusement. Of particular surprise is that it can be used in part-time job in the street too. It is as handy as trendy and as safe as eco-friendly. We suppose F-wheel will serves more purposes in the future as a personal transport.
Ride it and you have to be the focus in the street.

Is it easy to ride?

It takes between 15-40 min to learn the basic skills, so we recommend that on your first go you enlist the help of one of your friends. Let himher be with you when you get up and hold himher during your initial learning rides.

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