The Electric Bike is Legal or Illegal in City Streets? The Answer from the New York Mayor

electric bike legal or illegal

Is the electric bike legal? Some people may consider this question before purchasing the convenient smart bike. That depends where you’re, France, UK, USA, Singapore, Japan has its own different rules. Luckily, in most cities, like New York, London, Frankfurt, they are not illegal according to the latest news in the world. People are free to ride it except on the motorways for high-speed automobiles only.

With the development of battery technique, the highest speed electric bike has the same speed as the motorbike that burns gas reaching up to 100km/h. They are definitely dangerous even wearing a helmet on head.  Many traffic accidences in China are caused the teenage punks riding on such ebikes. Some end in the hospital and the others end their life immediately. The author definitely doesn’t recommend that kind of ebike.   It’s like riding on a wild horse, hard to stop and hard to control, especial among the crowd of cars and pedestrians. Risking your own life and scaring the walking peoples next to you is not moral though it’s legal.

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A friend of the author says he hates people riding on the electric bikes after he hit a e bike rider down with his new car and compensated the rider over 50,000 RMB for medical cares in hospital  & a new bike. However, his idea is too partial. Electric bike saves the city from traffic jams and brings more clean air to the car polluted grey sky.

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In fact, the space of a person in the four-wheel car equals the space of 4 electric bike riders on the road. It’s not fair. And in many cases, the 4-seat car takes only 1 person. It’s a waste of road, oil & clean air resource and a real booster to the environmental pollution. And the electric bike rider has the same or even higher speed as the car drivers in the busy city streets.

What’s more, most city trips are short. Driving a car in the city for 1 mile, then find a parking place, park your car. And finally, walk about 0.5 miles to your destination. That really sounds stupid but many people have no other choice.   Until the electric bike…

electric bike rule

If you were a smart & wise mayor of a big city, you’ll definitely allow the electric bike riding. It will boost the efficiency of the city traffic and improve the city air quality a lot. The following news might be a prelude to the electric bike age. Pedal-assist electric bicycles are getting the legal clarification they need to become part of the city’s biking scene, according to an announcement last week by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Until now they have been caught in regulatory limbo. But in the near future, it will become a fashion trend all over the world. Just like the following news.

According to the report from MSN, Electric scooters are taking over San Francisco. The startups like LimeBike and Bird are distributing their electric bikes and scooters all over the San Francisco streets, and allow people to ride and pay at an hourly renting price.Obviously, it’s legal to ride an electric bike because the electric bikes are dropped by the users everywhere after using which annoys the tech workers and people who commute on foot. If they’re illegal, they will be confiscated by the police right away without annoying any people.

San Francisco Electric scooters

In conclusion, the electric bike is an efficient & pollutionless tool for commuting and has no reason to be illegal.

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OHM Urban ,Over 100Kg, 10 times of the lightest bike.

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DYU Smart Bike, Only 12 kg

DYU Electric Bike D2

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The background: The Electric Bike Sales Amount Rises Up 15 Times in Ten Years

It was in 1897 that the first electric powered pedal bicycle was born. EMI / Philips commercializes a model series between 1936 and 1938. A new craze appears with the oil crisis of the 1970s, but it was not until the 1990s to witness the true scale of the phenomenon. China becomes the world’s largest producer in 2010, exporting 3 million electric bikes worldwide. The performance of lithium batteries and environmental awareness are further accelerating the trend. In France, electric bike sales have increased 15 times between 2006 and 2015. And the state encourages this practice with a purchase subsidy up to 200 euros.

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