The Ultimate Electric Bike Has Been Launched by F-wheels & It is Creating a Major Buzz


F-Wheel has proudly announced the launch of its all new second generation DYU Smart Bike D2. The tech-company has introduced this electric bike with several amazing features and it is a folding e-bike of the next generation. Moreover, the bike is featured with manual power, electric power and also an electric moped power mode. According to the company, this electric bicycle has been designed to meet the different riding needs of modern day riders around the world.

elektrischer scooter dyu electric bike

“Our all new folding electric bike is lightweight and comes with a smart app so that the riders can control and monitor its features from their smartphones with ease.” said the spokesperson of F-Wheel, while introducing the new e-bike to the public. “The folding electrical bike also features induction headlamps to light up the way in the dark for our valued customers.” He added. According to the spokesperson, the new electrical bike gives a long mileage and it also has charging protection features.elektroscooter

In addition, the lightweight electric bike can be lifted by using a single hand as it weighs only 13 kilograms. Moreover, it is comfortable to hold and can be lifted with ease due to its arc design. Also, it can be easily folded for storage or moving and can fit in the trunk of a regular sedan with a considerable amount of ease. Another great feature of this electric bike is that it comes with a display screen and a digital locking system controlled via smartphone to ensure safety and security.e motorroller dyu electric bike

Ultimate Electric Bike, best electric bike

The new folding electric bike by F-Wheels is also equipped with an effective battery that can take only three hours to charge completely while delivering an impressive range of 20 kilometer mileage per charge. In addition, it has an inflatable rubber tires that are shock proof and wear resistant while also having the ability to roll on all kinds of road conditions. The company is offering this e-bike in two color options and the greatest feature is that it can be used manually as well if the rider wants to use the pedals for mobility. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, lightweight body and folding design make it a perfect choice and the company is welcoming riders from around the world to try it out for their commuting needs.

For more information, please visit: https://www.fwheel.cc/product/dyu-smart-bike-d2/

DYU Smart Bike D2


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