Scooter DYU D2: The Ultra-versatile Best Electric Bike Under 535 Euros


This scooter as the best electric bike is very versatile with a long range of almost 50 km with a full charge.

Even if you run out of batteries it is still possible to use the pedals to move forward. You will not end up with a weight to carry. Speaking of weight, it weighs only 14 kilograms. Thanks to its aluminum frame, it remains very light while being solid.

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It is also foldable to store anywhere, including in the trunk of a small car. It is only one meter long and a little over 90 centimeters tall. Once folded it is only 70 cm tall. It also contains a small screen with all the information on battery and speed. It is possible to unlock it with your smartphone for more security and to find it easily.

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The Chinese manufacturer F-wheel from Shenzhen wants to shake up the global pedelec market with a new electric folding bike. The only 13 kilos heavy DYU Smart Bike D2 creates only a modest 20 kilometers with a battery charge. But it can be easily folded for loading and so easily stowed in the trunk for example. This is the best electric bike in the world so far.

mid-Groß-Gerau – The mini-wheel with electric drive can be brought in a few simple steps on trunk format.
The mini-wheel with electric drive can be brought in a few simple steps on trunk format.

Induction headlights should bring light into the darkness, the functions of the D2 can be controlled by app, the wheel itself thereby be shut off. The battery with a capacity of 5.2-ampere hours can be fully charged within three hours. And the twelve-inch tires are, according to the manufacturer, capable of “coping with all road conditions”. The electric moped mode, the F-wheel next to the current and the current-assisted kicking as the third mode of transportation and additional advantage of the new minibike prizes, would have to be disabled in Germany, however – otherwise the D2 would need an insurance license plate. And what about the price? The is really hot: A Chinese mail order company offers the pedelec for exactly 420.01 euros. PS: It’s under 420 Euros at present.

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Main features

Aeronautical aluminum alloy frame, lightweight body and foldable design
Three driving modes: manual feeding, power supply and electric moped, to meet different needs
Smart App password lock (scan of the QR code in the user manual), anti-theft protection
Front light induction light (automatic / manual app mode) and rear brake light, increasing safety at night
Dual disc brakes in the front and rear wheels, cruise control, comfortable driving
Powerful 250 W motor and 5.2 Ah large battery capacity

– Dimensions: 102 x 50.5 x 94 cm (unfolded), 102 x 20 x 72 cm (fold)
– Wheel: 12 inch inflatable rubber tire
– Pedal height: 10 cm (from ground to foot)
– Wheel size: 12 inches
– Maximum load: 120 kg
– Maximum speed: 25 km / h, up to 30 km / h (adjustment via app)
– Battery: 72 W, imported lithium-ion battery 5.2Ah
– Mileage: 20 km in pure electric mode, (45 km in moped mode)
– Maximum slope: 25 degrees
– Working temperature: -5 – 45 ° C
– Motor: 250 W
– Plug type: European plug
– Input voltage: 100 – 220V
– Charging time: 3h

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