Unicycle Scooter: The Secrects that You Don’t Know about


The Secrects that You Don’t Know about F-wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Scooter

The secret one. F-wheel self balancing unicycle scooter sports belongs to intellectual movements in medical field. It will relax your over body muscle with whole body movement, meanwhile boost the development of the epencephalon and improve your intelligence

The secret two. Riding on the F-wheel self balancing monowheel will shape your beautiful curve and make you more beautiful.

The secret three. F-wheel unicycle scooter mixes Excitement, Freshness, Craftiness and Beauty together, which enrich the life of people. It has a great effect on the cultivation of individual improvement of postive, confident, staunch and aggressive personal attitude and quality.

The secret four. Long time riding F-wheel electric unicycle will not only exercise your ability of balancing and reflexible nerve, but also practice your shoulder, ridge, legs, arms and legs, feet, and wrist, improving your body flexibility and artifice. Those obvious benefit to the young people healthy development is the reason why it is deeply welcomed and loved by teenagers and parents.

The secret five. F-wheel unicycle scooter do not need professional specialized ground. No matter  Sidewalks, parks, tree-lined paths, or yard, indoor

The secret six. Childhood obesity lead to adverse consequences will behave in hands-on ability and poor coordination, solitary personality quirks, lack of self-confidence and so on, these bad consequences will directly affect The normal physical and mental development teenagers.Riding the F wheel will balance the car continously to brush the street for 30 minutes on average 285 calorie consumption, s-shaped riding around stake for 30 minutes, on average, 900 calorie consumption, heat consumed equals as running for 1 hour.So extracting 0.5 – 2 hours of time to practice every day the f wheel will balance the car can make you relax in the pressure of work or study, and get you from the pressure, from the effect of obesity.

The secret seven. The F wheel riding movement can help children be away from The dangers of television and Internet, enhance their physique and immunity. Promotes the body’s balance, coordination, flexibility, and cultivate the ability of independent.

The secret eight. Treat hump prevent myopia.Asked the F wheel will balance cycling back upright, often can prevent bow-backed, F wheel will balance the cycling myopia.Teenagers about 2 months can correct kyphosis and slight spinal lateral bending, a suitable distance to prevent myopia keeping eyes and books.

The secret about nine. It will strengthen the parent-child relationship.The family often exercise can increase feelings of husband and wife together, increase the parent-child relationship to promote family harmony.
f150710135306Deposit The secret ten. Easy to carry, fitness walking.F wheel will balance the car easy place, easy to carry. Public places, cars, trains can carry to enter.Skilled generally within 20 kilometers can take to the streets after walking.

Those are the secrets about the self balancing vehicle. After you see the secrets of the unicycle scooter. you may want to know more about it. You can see the product below and contact us to know more information about it.

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