What Do You Mean, Officer? Laws and Anecdotes about the Segway Self Balancing Scooter

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You park your car somewhere nice and safe, but the problem is you’re a couple of miles away from the destination. That’s why they call these two-wheel vehicles the last-mile commuter. The smaller it gets, the better. The bigger its range, the faster you’ll buy one. You’ve probably been ignoring them, but you’ll want to know it’s one of the fastest growing markets out there.


So far, there’s nothing unusual about it. The thing is, every since rappers and fashionistas have started fooling around with them and posting videos on Instagram, fans all over the world have started buying one themselves.

However, one thing led to another, and the next thing you know the two-wheel e-scooters are everywhere. At least that seems to be the case in the UK, considering the Metropolitan Police have recently tweeted that they’ve updated the guidance from the UK Crown Prosecution Service. Initially released in 2011 banning the use of Segways both on roads and sidewalks, the Police has added the type of scooter in question.

What do you mean, officer? It’s just a small toy with little danger. This self balancing scooter is much smaller than that big Segway.

David Moore choreographed and directed a music video set to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” with dancers on scooters. The video has amassed more than 2.5 million views since it was uploaded Oct. 1.

This charming scooter allows you to dance with aesthetic [sensibility] feeling

According to the Crown Prosecution Service in England and Wales, vehicles must be approved via ECWVTA or MSVA to be licensed and registered. Therefore, self-balancing scooters would not currently meet the requirements of these schemes. So yes, these puppies are not legal for road use, so you’d better watch out.  Some guys have been arrested in Newyork already. Sorry to hear that…


Busted for self balancing scooter

Harder than it looks
Just like riding a bike, people who already know how to use the F whee electric unicycle make it look easy but it takes time to master. You might tend to jump into things, but in this case it’s definitely worth watching the “How to ride” video on the F wheel website.

For a beginner I’d say getting the hang of the F wheel is about as difficult as starting out on rollerblades (which I’d say are easier to ride than rollerskates but opinions vary). A helmet seems a sensible precaution, along with decent shoes and perhaps elbow and knee pads. Just like skates, you don’t need to be travelling fast to fall awkwardly and break a bone.

At first you’ll want to hang onto something and practice moving the F wheel around on the spot. Start on a smooth, even surface. From here there’s no shame in asking someone to hold your hand as you take your first tentative ride.
Stepping onto the F wheel QQ1 takes practice but once both feet are firmly planted it keeps itself balanced. Gently lean forward and the F wheel starts moving, you can ease back to slow down. To turn left, you tilt your right foot forward. Once you’re feeling more confident you can tilt one foot forward and one backwards to spin around on the spot.

The F wheel has a top speed of 14 kilometres per hour – faster than most people can run and enough to do yourself some serious damage if you take a tumble. Don’t expect to hit those speeds straight away. After 10 or 15 minutes you should be able to roll along the footpath unaided at walking speed, turn around and come back again.As far as the author concerned, a pair of cheap gloves in case of hand scratch is also helpful.

Too slow means boring, too fast means danger.  You’r the one to play the ball and control the speed.  This scooter is both fun and adventurous to ride. People who like challenges and wish for some excitement are strongly recommend to try this scooter

And it’s a new sport that most people love. Some people who don’t like this think you just stand on the scooter and do not move. However, this opinion is wrong. You ankle moves and the overall body muscles are giving strength to stand on the scooter firmly. So ability of balancing, muscle and beautiful curves are trained together.

Little bumps are less trouble once you can travel at a steady walking pace. You need to stand up straight and resist the urge to look down at your feet, as this throws off your balance.
From here it takes time to build your speed and maneuverability. Your success with the F wheel will depend on your size, your sense of balance and your general fitness. It takes core strength to hold yourself straight, more so than rollerblading.

Those guys riding around on self-balancing scooters are breaking the law
By Patrick Goss 5 days agoWorld of tech (This Saying is not reliable, riding the self-balancing scooter is legal in most common areas, yet self balancing scooters have been sold out millions, and only several unlucky peoplewere arrested and fined)

Met Police are pretty clear on the rules

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed what a good percentage of us hoped was true – if you’re riding a self-balancing scooter then the chances are you’re committing an offence. No body rides it in front of police and annoy them when they don’t know what it is.

The Met have published an FAQ that points out that, not only is it illegal to drive/ride/ponce your way down the road, it is also an offence to ride a vehicle on the pavement. Interesting, bicycle would be faster than the scooter, it’s absurd.

So where can you strut your stuff? Well – on private property (if you have the landowner’s permission), so you’re probably okay on your drive, as long as you’ve asked an appropriate adult. Remember, do not ask the adult officer.

Illegal maneuver

“Vehicles must be approved via ECWVTA or MSVA in order to be licensed and registered. Self-balancing scooters would not currently meet the requirements of these schemes so are not legal for road use, says the Met.

“It is an offence under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 to ride or drive a vehicle on the pavement. It is only an offence under this Act in England and Wales. In Scotland it is an offence under section 129(5) of the Roads (Scotland)”

Oh, and the Met also points out: “The Department for Transport would advise that appropriate safety clothing should be worn at all times.”

So, with drones being banned from most of the UK sky and self-balancing scooters outlawed from public spaces, you might just have to plump for that PlayStation for Christmas after all…

Scooters are definitely not one of the world’s best electric vehicles according to the law. However, according to the mass people and customers who wants and are trying it, it definitely welcomed and accepted.

Self-balancing scooters risky

It’s sensible to ban children from moving around on self-balancing boards in public places (Motor boards prompt Abu Dhabi Police warning, October 14).

Children tend to be careless without their parents’ supervision. Innocent people will be blamed if an accident occurs.

Genesis Lachica, Abu Dhabi

This device is dangerous for a child’s health, as it will make them lazy and give them a reason not to participate in any physical activity.

Comment: Isn’t it a physical activity already? More over, according to this theory, all the video and online games company should be shut down and break.
Miriam Seferian, Abu Dhabi

In reference to your editorial Toy of the moment (October 14), I wonder why are these toys being imported considering the Government is trying hard to fight obesity. These devices make children lazy.

Comment: Kids will be lazier and fatter lying in the couch to watch TV without a interesting toy scooter.
Christie King Eckardt, Abu Dhabi

What should actually be done is improve and widen the pavements and remove all the obstacles that force pedestrians to end up walking on the streets. More parks around the city would also be nice to see.

Linda Abu Ghattas Gomez, Abu Dhabi

Before banning these toys, stop drivers from speeding. Here the issue just needs to be handled with common sense. A person below 13 years should not be allowed to use these boards. It is written in the user manual, which also says that the user should wear a helmet, knee pads and ankle pads.

Tumwesigye Julius, Uganda

Hardliners in India pose threat to democracy

I feel sad that intolerance is growing in India (Indian politician doused in ink over Pakistan book launch, October 13). The attack by right-wing Hindu activists on Sudheendra Kulkarni, who was organising the book launch in Mumbai, is just one among many attacks that have taken place in recent months on people who have dared to voice their own opinion or contradicted right-wing views. These people are creating an environment never experienced before in India.

When Narendra Modi won the elections, hopes were running high among the masses. They are now despondent. These incidents pose a grave danger to India’s democratic character. It would be good for the country if the Modi government can effectively deal with these issues.


Innocent boy riding self balancing scooter
Self-balancing scooters hover into view

Roll over, skateboards and bicycles. There’s a flashier way to get to class.

Rapper Snoop Dogg and several popular Vine posters, among other notable people, have been seen riding self-balancing scooters, and they are becoming more common on campus.

The scooters go by several names, such as hoverboard, cyberboard, skywalker, Segway, and cost anywhere from $200 to $1,800.

“The boards have only been around for five or six months,” Moore said.

The boards can elicit reactions of wonder or negativity, Moore said. He said he uses his board in Los Angeles, where he lives, every day.

“Sometimes I’m riding my board down the street, and there’s like people yelling out of their cars, ‘Why aren’t you walking?’ ” Moore said.

Moore said it’s funny to have a little bit of backlash from people who don’t understand it.

Finance sophomore Rajan Babu has owned his board for only a few days but said he has been approached by three people who have referenced his laziness. Babu said he doesn’t think it’s lazy to ride his board, and it’s similar to riding a skateboard. By the way, Kids will be lazier and fatter lying in the couch to watch TV without a interesting toy scooter.

“I think they look a little bit ridiculous,” said accounting junior Josh Ballard, who describes himself as a hilariously-broke college student. “For someone who travels a lot on campus, I can see the value, but it’s not for me, personally. I value the few calories I burn from walking.”

Ballard said the first time he saw one of the scooters was in a bathroom on campus. He noticed flashing lights under a stall.

“When I was washing my hands, he came out of the stall on it,” Ballard said. “I think they could be a potential safety hazard, but that’s based upon the person riding it.”

Babu said the board has improved his commute on campus, even though he said he now uses the handicap ramps.

“I have to use the handicap ramps and stuff, but it works,” Babu said. “Some official in the library told me not to ride it in the library. He said if I break my neck, he doesn’t want to fill out the paperwork.”

According to UTA’s university policies and procedures, procedure 6-13 refers to utility vehicles as “scooters.” The procedure states, “utility vehicles of less than 50 horsepower are authorized to use paved pedestrian areas.” The vehicles are to be operated at 5 mph and ensure that pedestrians have the right of way.

Procedure 6-16 states that roller-wheeled items are allowed on campus but cannot be used in the Maverick Garage near the Business Building, Maverick Stadium, campus buildings or streets in and surrounding campus, and no tricks are allowed.

In the city of Arlington’s city ordinances, article V, section 5.11, states that motor-assisted scooters are prohibited on all public roadways and sidewalks.

There could be risk with any wheeled item. Moore said he and the dancers fell about 150 times collectively while shooting and rehearsing the choreography.

“Nobody really got hurt or injured, but there were definitely a lot of falls,” Moore said. “They go about 12 miles per hour at top speed.”

Moore said the scooters are popular because they’re new and fun. He said the boards could be developed further for wheelchairs or other transportation for injured and will become more mainstream.

Babu said he thinks the scooters are just a fad and will die out.

“I’m doing my fad as it’s in,” Babu said.

It’s not quite a futuristic hoverboard, but the F-wheel Q1 is a fun way to glide around.

There’s a 350W motor under the bonnet and it needs to charge for a few hours before you can use it. A full charge is good for around 22 kilometres, although this depends on the terrain and the weight of the rider. The recommended maximum weight is 100 kg.

Back to the Future day is almost upon us – a 1980s glimpse into a future of gravity-defying flying cars and hoverboards. The F-wheel Q1 ($599 pre-order) doesn’t quite deliver on that futuristic promise, it still keeps two wheels firmly on the ground, but you’ll certainly turn heads as you glide past.

The F-wheel QQ1 is basically a battery-powered balance board with a wheel on each side. There’s a swivel joint in the middle, so you can stand on the board and tilt each foot forward/back independently. The controls offer similar mechanics to driving a tank, except that you tilt your feet rather than working levers with your hands. It doesn’t take long to feel natural.

u8161p841dt20130315061442Police on Segway

At the end, one of our customer says, “Never ride a self balancing scooter because there is danger, never do anything because there is danger too. Apparently the right politician didn’t get his palm greased or the wrong millionaire didn’t invest in self-balancing scooters because they’ve certainly made sure to find a loophole to bury it under. ” What’s more, with more and more people getting involved in the self balancing scooter riding army, the law will lose its power and change. In fact, some police officers have been equipped with the Segway already. And in the near future, you will see officers riding the hover boards going around. What do you mean officer? Don’t hurt me when you don’t understand me.

On London Street

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Dolphin One Unicycle (Dare you challenge and lead the new trend??)


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