What to Do before You Get Started with this Gadget You Have Never Seen Before

What to Do before You Get Started with this Gadget You Have Never Seen Before
F wheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters have become the synonym for domestic intelligent scooters. The Scooter, well-received among domestic citizens, is the ideal means of transportation currently.

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Electric unicycle is always compared with scooter which takes similar time to charge and delivers similar range per charge. Although scooter may be better at speed, yet its slim body is likely to tremble with motion. On the other hand, balancing on an electric unicycle is much easier. F wheel, as the leading electric unicycle manufacturer, is controlled by a cutting-edge intelligent system, which means when traveling at the same speed, the scooter will be trembling for tiny body movements, yet on F wheel, riders are free to make any movements as wish e.g. leaning forward and backward, tilting left and right, to control the unit. When it comes to the safety, since a scooter is lighter with higher center of gravity, the rider will probably fall over when he/she brakes. On the contrary, thanks to the leading motion-sensing technology, brake safety has been improved significantly on F wheel intelligent electric unicycle. In addition, with the latest safety protection technology such as speed limit control, low battery protection, tilting protection, beeping alarm, and charge protection etc, F wheel electric unicycle guarantees better safety performance than ordinary scooter.
Before Getting Started

For first-timers, be sure to equip yourself with comfortable sportswear and sneakers. Warm up your body and keep your body agile.Considering the average human athletic skills, the height of paddle is set 10cm from ground only, which guarantees your safety in case of falling over. A Helmet, gloves, knee and ankle pads are also recommended for first-timers. To start, please bring F wheel to open space and watch out for obstructions and bumpy terrains.

Learning Tips for First-Timers

1. Place F wheel vertically on the ground by one hand and power it on.

2. Unfold the pedals and straddle F wheel.

3. Place one foot on the center of a pedal and bend the leg slightly to press on the cushion rubber tightly.

4.Lift your hand that holds F wheel, stand upright naturally and look straight forward. Shift your body weight to the leg standing on the ground and try to achieve lateral balance.

5. Maintain this position and shift your body weight gradually to the other leg and lift your supporting leg from the ground and try to maintain momentary balance.

6.Please follow and practice the above steps before starting riding with one foot on pedal.

7.After being able to ride with one foot smoothly, place another foot on a pedal and relax your legs for better balance.

8. Ride along and try to change directions by shifting body weight or twisting your waist slightly.
Key Notes

Training belt is highly recommended for first-timers, which reduces risk of falling over.


1. Players under 18 or over 45 are supposed to find yourself learning partners.

2. Make sure to check the power level and tire before riding.

3. Please control speed before riding smoothly.

Portable intelligence transport machines are taking the world by storm. It has added a new dimension to the availability of hi-tech utility products. One of the great examples could be the introduction of electric self-balancing scooters and unicycles. F wheel Technology is a tech company developing these products for modern use. These good looking sleek and new generation vehicles are also environmentally-friendly striking the right balance between nature and science. They have high-quality casing material and upgraded advanced system, which deliver a comfortable user experience.

Self-balancing unicycle is suitable for all kinds of users irrespective of age. The balance is well maintained by leaning forward and backward process. It is done by running the aerospace attitude control theory, gyroscope system and fuzzy software algorithm. The riders have full control over movement, acceleration and brakes by leaning front and back. Thus, it has certain similarities with bicycle riding techniques and achieving the right balance is quite easy.

The F wheel R5 is a well-designed one-wheel self-balancing electric scooter fitted with intelligence balancing chips. Entire look and feel is refreshingly trendy coupled with high-end essence. A 16 inch wheel hub minimizes the roll angles and optimizes grip effect. Such a design adds to the look and guarantees safety largely for the users. It has quite a simplistic operation and ample battery range to let the user experience portable and pleasant ride.

Without doubt, the F wheel intelligent self-balancing scooter has relieved the urbanites from the terrible transportation condition with its unique advantages.

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