What to Ride Today – Electric Bike Riding is Getting Prevalent Wordwide in 2018

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Electric bikes are getting more and more popular since it was invented and now its use is growing worldwide including the USA, UK, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Spain and so on. It’s so popular that you can see it in most countries in Europe and American. In 2023, the global sales amount of electric bikes are predicted to reach around forty million sets, according to the Forbes. It’s a real time to get an e-bike for yourself in 2018.

Let’s have a look what’s happening with the electric bike in different countries in the world.


electric bike china

Nowadays, over 34.3 million electric bikes are predicted to be sold in China so far. China is the most important market for electric bikes manufacturing, riding and exporting. It has accumulated dozens of years of experience in electric bike producing and has the most mature and successful technology in electric bike battery and motors.  China factories like F-wheel has enough knowledge and ability to make the e-bike most cost-effective. Therefore, their bikes are extremely competitive worldwide that the EU created an anti-dumping act to the Chinese e-bike. Now the European importers are gathering together to submit the second objection to the act to make them allowed to import the e-bike easier.



New Delhi Municipal Council to build 50

In India, the electric bikes are recognized by the states and the government. The Municipal Corporation (MC) will start an e-bike-sharing system to promote the use of non-motorised vehicles and it has held a meeting with Mayor Karamjit Singh Rintu and MC officials. They gave demonstration and test ride of e-Bikes. The mayor gets acknowledged that the e-bikes will easy the city congest and make the living environment in the city better. Soon they will put 500 smart bikes in the busy streets for renting and 20 cycle stations for e-bike service. Electric bikes can’t be more suitable for Indian crowded streets and huge amount people waiting for a reliable commuting tool.



dyu-E-bikes canada

Canada also welcomes electric bikes. According to the report, visitors to downtown Riverside and the surrounding area will be able to rent electric bikes to ride between destinations within the next few years. Bewegen Technologies in Canada will build four bicycle share stations, each with 10 electric pedal assist bicycles. As the price of the program, Riverside will pay $263,000, with money coming from a Riverside County Transportation Commission air quality grant the city received.  It’s a huge amount of money, to be honest.  The average price is up to $6,575 per bike if other services like repair and replacement aren’t accounted for — was incredibly expensive. The author wonders why it has such high price. One decent pedal assisted electric bike in China like DYU smart bike is only around 400 dollars per unit. At that price of 6000 dollars, the riverside will have 15 DYU bikes already but not only 1.  It’s unbelievable in China.



Here comes a piece of breaking news in the USA. Uber Technologies Inc. is leaping into the bicycle-rental industry with the purchase of Jump Bikes, as CEO Dara Khosrowshahi seeks out new growth areas with his first acquisition. Now the giant taxi renting company realizes the value of electric bike renting and set its foot on it early. Jump bikes is a startup that rents out shared electric dockless bikes in San Francisco and Washington DC. There are great chance making money with e-bikes today in USA.

The Yomiuri Shimbun Cyclists cross Tatara Bridge.

It’s obvious that electric bikes are getting more and more attention and common acceptance.

It’s another piece of news from America. Electric rental bikes are arriving in the downtown Riverside area. E-bikes are already huge in Europe and now for a lot of people, especially in Southern California and here in Silicon Valley, they’re catching on as a means of transportation.  This electric bike in Orgon parks will help the people whose knees hurt when riding a normal bike as they used to be able to. Now the state the reviewing the proposal for the electric bike in the park and soon will be available in many recreation departments in Clatsop County and neighboring Tillamook.



The Yomiuri Shimbun Cyclists cross Tatara Bridge.

In Japan, Honshu regions bridges, the expressway attract more than 300,000 cyclists from Japan and overseas each year. There is Shimanami bike course gives riders fresh sea breezes. Many riders say they should have borrowed the electric bikes instead pedaling hard with sweat on forehead. There is electric bike renting service actually.  And renting electric power-assisted bicycles costs ¥1,500 for up to six hours, with deposits ranging from ¥500 to ¥1,000. It’s expensive but it’s fashionable and frees people from hard labor. After all, vacations are for relaxing not for a tired heart and body.



Electric bikes are also getting popular in Europe. In 2017 e-bike sales in much of the EU had double digit growth with the standout, Italy by 50%. Germany had 19% growth for a total of 720,000 sales. The younger generation is gaining the affection on the electric bike instead of driving a car. The electric bike is portable, folding and traffic jam free. It saves people’s strength in commuting. No wonder it’s loved by my young people who is willing to try new gadgets and enjoy life.

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Thanks to the amazing manufacturing ability of the factories like DYU in China, people all over the world are able to ride the affordable and convenient electric commuting tool. Young and old, healthy or with a hurting knee, man or women, electric bike are all suitable to help them to live an easier and happier life.  DYU is the subsidiary brand of F-wheel and its bikes are exported to Europe and America in the last few years, its sales amount goes up steadily each year. “We’ve doubled our sales in the past two years,’’ says Liwei, the CEO of F-wheel, who rides his e-bike with pleasure. “I think the industry needs to do more education and raise awareness around e-bikes and we’re doing that with this weekend’s Hongkong Global Source Electronics Fair. We feel the breakthrough for the industry will happen when the average consumer realizes how easy these bikes are to ride and then you’ll have more and more people wanting to do it instead of driving.’’

f-wheel germany customer dyu

Hongkong Global Source Electronics Fair – DYU

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