What’s new in the DYU Smart Bike D2+ folding electric bike?

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The innovation in the means of transportation in the city is amazing: beginning with electric cars and then the electric bikes. This has resulted in models like the April edition of the F-wheel DYU Smart Electric Bike D2+ model, one of the most recent e-bikes models of this Chinese manufacturer. In this article, we bring to you the features attributed with the DYU D2+ model, as we have discussed the older models in previous articles.

What’s New?

The F-wheel DYU D2+ is an upgrade to the previous elegant model, DYU D2. The D2+ has many improvements over the DYU D2 model, among which its 10Ah Lithium battery, as well as the ability to reach a maximum speed of 25km per hour (adjustable by APP), thanks to its 250W motor.

  • Stylish and Beautiful Design

With a small-size and a top-notch design very similar to the one the DYU brand is characterized with, the D2+ aims to captivate users for its beauty in three possible colors, black, white, and red. This electric bike has dimensions of 1090 x 290 x 670mm that can be reduced up to 110 x 22 x 56cm, to adapt for storage into any space. In the same way, it is made of an aluminum alloy frame and it weighs just 16kg (compared with other manufacturer products that weigh from 25kg). Its lightweight makes it possible for even girls in college to lift it easily. The DYU D2+ is also capable of carrying a load weight up to 120kg.

One thing to emphasize is that unlike other F-wheel e-bikes, the DYU D2+ does not bend from the central part, but it’s the handlebar that can be folded towards one of the sides, so it remains very thin to adapt to any available space. It is also equipped with a front & back disc brakes, App and Automatic cruise with suspension, and with an intelligent BMS. Of course, the front and back light switch has not been removed from the DYU D2+, as with the older DYU D2 model. It is also equipped with a multi shock mitigation system for bumpy roads.

Similarly, just like the DYU D2 model, the D2+ has two models – the pedelec and non-pedelec models. The pedelec models are an ideal choice if you want to aide your cycling power to get up the hills. Also, the D2+ has a shock-absorbing, adjustable & damping seat. The adjustable seat makes the bike suitable for people with a height of 150 – 180cm, also ensuring a comfortable sitting posture. Additionally, compared to other e-bikes like GreyP and Radmini, the DYU D2+ is economically friendly as it costs lesser.

dyu folding electric bike

  • Security

The F-wheel DYU D2+ smart bike is also equipped with a locking system for a personalized access. You can easily set a personal lock for your bike. Just like the D2 model, the D2+ has an anti-theft protection as an additional security system.

  • DTST Smart Power Assisting System

The bike has a DTST Smart Power assisting system of 3 modes, which are:

  1. Pure Electricity Mode – a 350W motor providing a top speed as 15 miles per hour;
  2. Assisting Mode – for easy riding & smooth climbing and;
  • Riding Mode – for leisure time excises and mileage free.

DYU Smart Electric Bike D2 +

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