Where to Get the Best One Wheel Skateboard

With the advent of modern technology skateboards have seen significant overhauls. The pervasive spread of theone-wheel boards made skateboards available to a wider base of users. A lot of skateboarding companies went from manufacturing classic skateboards to one-wheel ones as they appealed to more users day after day. The fact that there plenty of brands out there nowadays can leave you as a buyer confused on which hover board you should purchase. Here we are going to list the criteria that you can use and compare between several brands to conclude which one is the best.


The characteristics of one-wheel skateboards are different from those of a traditional skateboard. This discussion is going to focus on the new features introduced to skateboarding with the arrival of hover boards.

Runs on Batteries vs. Chargeable


Battery-powered hover boards are costly on the long-run. If you’re a die-hard skateboarder who simply considers his one-wheel as a sort of extension to his legs then you should definitely get a chargeable one-wheel skateboard. Skateboards like F-Wheel’s, that we’re going to talk about in details later on, can last up to 19 kilometer on one-hour long charge. One more benefit to owning a chargeable skateboard is that you can plug it anywhere with an electricity source and start using it after an hour, you do not need to look around for places to buy batteries or store them in bulks.

One-wheel skateboards are known to be easier to mount and navigate when compared on traditional skateboards. When used in turns for example, with traditional skateboards you had to lean with your whole body while maintaining control of the skateboard below you but with one-wheels all you have to do is lean towards the direction when your weight tipped forward and you’ll be working your way through people like a knife in butter.


To purchase a one-wheel skateboard you’ll have to make sure that twists and turns will be easy and the board itself is easily mountable. If you’re a beginner it’s important that you practice mounting alone first before you go on your first ride.



At some point you’re going to have to carry your skateboard around because you’re unable to use it. When you’re indoor, going up or down the stairs or on sandy terrain. You need to make sure that your skateboard is light enough for you to carry when you need to do so. Also light skateboards are often easier to control because they lean with you easily. Again comes to mind F-Wheel’s one-wheeler that can carry up to 120KG and weighs only 11.5KG.

Another strong point of hover boards when compared to regular skateboards is that they do not require too much maintenance. However making sure that your one-wheel skateboard is covered by the manufacturer F-wheel’s warranty and that the place where you buy it from can provide a good after sale service.

Responsiveness to Terrain
Unlike traditional skateboards, with one wheelers you cannot easily keep replacing the wheel with one that suits the terrain. Before buying a one-wheeler you’ll need to make sure it works on at least most urban terrain. Hover boards were initially invented to help make short trips with ease. Owning a board with a wheel good enough for all around use is a crucial aspect for a one-wheeler to achieve its purpose.

It is sort of taken for granted that one-wheelers give you a cool look while riding one around the street. Although sometimes when the design is not good enough you might find yourself reflecting the exact reverse of that. Choosing the design is important as the customizing options with hover boards are not as vast as they are with old skateboards. What you’re going to buy is mostly what you’re going to end up being stuck with and you can have my word when I say that you really want to end up stuck with something good looking. It adds a lot to the experience.

Brands Comparisons and Verdicts


Now that we identified the criteria that we’re going to use to judge the quality of a one-wheel skateboard, we can jump start into comparisons between available brands to determine which one is the best.

Onewheel Electric Skateboard

It has been described as part hover board, part skateboard when it first came out earlier last year. The Future Motion one-wheeler was funded by the crowd-funding website Kickstarter and managed to create a decent ride-able product but perhaps not so perfect one.

The main drawback of OneWheel is the design. The overall look of the board is little dull and part customization is not an option provided by its manufacturer. The other drawback is its hefty price. It has been made available to the public at a staggering $1500 price which makes it as equally expensive as an electric two wheeler. The last drawback is its battery duration that lasts up to 10-11 kilometers which is considered quite short when compared to other products that can last up to 19 kilometers on a single charge.

The positive points could be the speed which goes up to 24KM/hour. However in this aspect it is beaten by F-Wheel’s Onewheel Scooter that travels up to 25KM/hour. It is app connected and has intuitive control which is a plus but not good enough to be make it the best one-wheeler to buy.

Final verdict: 2.5 out of 5

Anewting Smart Electric Skateboard

This is a decent electric skateboard. It is slightly better than Onewheel but not by far. One of its positive points is the relatively low price when compared to Onewheel It is made available at only $650 which is less than half of what you pay to get OneWheel. It also has LED lights and Bluetooth speakers that amplify the cool factor a little. Nevertheless it has its own drawbacks.

The Anewting smart electric skateboard weights around 15KG which makes it heavy to carry around if you have to. This in some why restricts its uses to outings where you know you will not have to carry it. If you commute by subway for instance it could be a burden to carry it up and down the subway stairs. The maximum mileage it can make too can considered to be a shortage. It can do up to 16KM only on one-charge.

Overall this skateboard is good enough for its price but still not the best option to go for.

Final verdict: 3 out of 5

F-Wheel Onewheel Scooter
The reason this one-wheel hover board is rated the highest is that it manages to maintain the perfect equilibrium between functionality and design that other products fail to achieve. Judging by a quick comparison between its specs and those of other one-wheelers is enough to convince you that it is the best.

This hover board can be driven at a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour which is the highest in the market. Also with a traveling range of 19KM, it has the longest battery age in the market. The tire diameter is a perfect all-terrain 252 MM. It is equipped with LED lights that come in several colors and a Bluetooth speaker. It has the lightest weight in the market. It weighs only 11 KG. The stylish, fascinating design makes it look like it’s out of a futuristic cyberpunk epic. The navigation also makes it the one wheel skateboard to own whether you’re abeginner or an experienced skateboarder.

The only drawback could be that it takes up to one hour to charge but still even with that F-Wheel’s Onewheel Scooter is definitely the best one wheel skateboardyou can buy.

Final verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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