Why does the Self Balancing Scooter/Hoverboard Industry Look to Further Increase

Amazon Issue and explosion issues of poor quality hoverboard in December have greatly shocked the self balancing scooter industry, this industry reshuffle started ahead of time. At this time, some people choose the sidelines, people hesitated and think if they should quit, when some people think this is a big opportunity, also some people worried about next year’s industry survival…
In my opinion, hoveboard/self balancing scooter industry will not only survival, but also will see a greater development.

weixin51228163556Analysis From the Technology Field 

First, the product self balancing vehicle has been there for no more than 10 years including hoverboard, segway and so on, this vehicle has several new kinds of technologies, brushless motor, single system is intelligently controlled by balancing algorithm, etc. This technology is also used in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and robotic products. In the future, these technologies will be applied to more products and field, and will continue to innovate.

Analysis From the Industry Field

In my opinion, self balancing scooter/hoverboard is just a product of smart balance car. It will involve several different technologies in different areas in the future, these functions are below:

1. Taking the place of walking tool

Resource shortage, environment pollution, urban congestion, this a series of problems in the eyes, new energy vehicles is the trend of the next few years and the trend.And balanced car gradually become more and more people use for short walking, small range of transportation.Way for everyone concerned about the balance of the car and security issues, over time, market expansion, the government’s attention gradually resolved, any emerging product popularization process will not be plain sailing.

2. Recreation

Xiaomi released ninebot self balancing scooter, put it as a toy, scooter, car consumption purposes from abroad, mostly aiming to entertainment purposes, this shows that the product USES diverse. There will be more and more self balancing vehicle technology more than just toys.

3. Robot Development

Some famous brand enterprises besides F-wheel defined self balancing scooter as the robot, integrating the concept of Internet, make it more intelligent, which can be applied in home, medical, military, emergency, etc. In the near future various forms of the smart balance vehicle will be seen everywhere.

Analysis From the Business Field


1. The importance of product quality

Seek shipment, do not take the quality, multiple explosions shocked the world, made in China to introduce to a forefront, almost destroyed the this product.Measures of foreign governments, amazon, which industry an important lesson.Let more people realize the importance of quality, the importance of standards.After a lot of people for this to pay the full tuition fees, will be more careful, all the more the norm.

2. The importance of the product profit

Sales, on the basis of a price tag and ultra high failure rate, totally cannot afford overseas after-sales, a lot of people lost a lady.The counterpart of vicious competition, eventually ruin yourself, love the guests.No profit of the enterprise for a long time, there is no profit of products is to play rascal.Eventually there will be more enterprises to realize the importance of profits, more to think about how to sell the products at high prices.

3. The importance of intellectual property rights

The twisting, car event let everybody the most headache is the problem of patent, for almost all companies are in a very passive state.Many people complain about the patent holder of, but the fundamental reason lies in their own intellectual property rights consciousness is weak.

Here is the popular science.A lot of people don’t know the importance of brand before, more do not know the importance of intellectual property patents.Patent, not only is the intangible asset of an enterprise, is the enterprise competition.More importantly, it also can help enterprises to create profits.Abroad, patents every year for the enterprise to bring income is an important part of enterprise profits.

Below is an excerpt from CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei’s interview:
Ren: China’s lack of innovation, not original, the main reason is that it doesn’t respect intellectual property rights, there is no strict protection of intellectual property rights system, besides, its social culture does not tolerant creativity, does not encourage trial and error, does not inclusive character, and even some extreme geeks, such as Apple’s Steve jobs, the founder of the aircraft manufacturing hughes is individual character make public, rebellious people, acting under the background of China’s existing culture must be hard to come out, because it can’t tolerance Jobs, China has no Jobs. As a result, who also don’t want to undertake original things but are keen to plagiarize.
Tu Yoyo, the Nobel Prize have created a new era, China original research Tu’s award is still controversial, and rebellious people, think Tu’s study is too simple, rural tomb-sweeping day is to hang on the door of artemisinin rod in the wine to do research, actually Tu study is not simple, she discovered the truth of the midst of the common sense, from simple to save the lives of tens of thousands of people, creating enormous social value is not simple, a lifetime only do a simple thing, achievement is not simple life value, that is worth to carry forward the spirit! She is a researcher has won the Nobel Prize, it is worth reflecting in Chinese academic circles and education, it shows that China’s academic and educational evaluation orientation and evaluation standard out of the question, to the pursuit of the low level of academic publications and ignore the quality, blindly imitate the academic research and ignored the original!

Of course, if they want to let everyone be willing to make original, they must respect intellectual property rights. They should respect and recognize the creativity and knowledge. Otherwise, people don’t want to and dare not engaged in original innovation,  but are keen to copy and imitate, to respect intellectual property rights must pay cost.

In addition, the state council on December 18, 2015 issued a “Several opinions about accelerating the construction of the power of intellectual property rights under the new situation”, which will greatly improve consciousness of Chinese intellectual property rights.

Therefore, to public business in the country under the situation of all innovation, more companies should learn to pay more attention to intellectual property rights and respect intellectual property rights.

Next year, the self balancing scooter industry will come out with more enterprises in independent research and development and application technology patents. With technology patents and brand enterprises, business will be more initiative.

Analysis from the government’s attitude

“Guangdong Self Balancing Vehicle Alliance” preparatory work is moving forward, three balanced car local standards work is about to start. F-wheel was invited by Guangdong goverment to help to set the quality inspection standard of self balancing scooter. Such government technical institutions and well-known brands including F-wheel is the one of the main participants of hoverboard standard making in the main hoverboard producing city Shenzhen, China.  In this conference, the patent problem is discussed and F-wheelemphasized on the product quality testing. This standard will soon be the industrial standard on stage. It means the industry’s top mess will get past, disobeying the self balancing scooter standards of enterprises will get a punishment from government and market.

Analysis From Amazon Issue and Explosions 

1. Amazon does not admit that banning self balancing scooter/hoverboard forever, only a temporary shelf down, there is a series of problems before, buried the bane of the consequences of a cause. In providing the required file accords with a condition, the shop can continue to go on sale. The issue to resolved is only a matter of time. By now, many self balancing scooter shop has started selling again already.

2. The amazon sellers were forced to refund,  there has been a part of the sellers try to contact lawyers group, normal legal channels, to restore the partial loss and won.

3. Some countries for smart balance vehicle policy is not totally killing, but just to protect the safety of the consumers, raising the barriers to entry the hoverboard field and clean up the bad products.

From the above analysis, in the future there will be more self balancing vehicles meeting the industry standard, and there will be more powerful brand like F-wheel, and there will be a variety of different forms of products appear at the same time. It is worth looking forward to!

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