Why Should You Visit DYU Factory before Going to The 29th China International Bicycle Fair?


If you are a bike wholesale dealer or simply a bike enthusiast then you should visit the DYU factory before visiting the 29th China International Bicycle Fair.

The 29th China International Bicycle fair is an international event that will host bicycle manufacturers from all around the world. And naturally, the first choice of many bike dealers would be to visit such a place. But what you can see at the exhibition is only the final products of the participants and the not the manufacturing process and its standards.

CHINA CYCLE 2019 - The 29th China International Bicycle Fair

Meanwhile, we invite you to visit the DYU smart bike manufacturing facility before going to the 29th China International Bicycle fair.

We will take you through the DYU smart bike manufacturing facility where you can observe the state of the art manufacturing processes for the DYU e-bike and its accessories.

The DYU smart bike is the bike of the future and stands way ahead of other bikes available out in the market. We will provide you with an opportunity to closely observe the high standard procedures and technology that makes us the best smart bike producers in the region.

CHINA CYCLE 2019 - The 29th China International Bicycle Fair

The visit to DYU factory will give you an idea about the technology and high-quality product on offer and will better enable you to compare with the products of the bike fair.

In short, the DYU smart bike is a stylish, state of the art e-bike that comes in various colors and designs. The concept behind the bike is to provide the customers with an economical traveling solution without affecting their level of comfort. The DYU smart bike can run for more than 30 miles in one charge. The battery is of high quality and gives high reliability and durability to the smart bike’s design.

CHINA CYCLE 2019 - The 29th China International Bicycle Fair

As such it will prove very edifying for all the visitors to visit the DYU smart bike factory.

Secondly, we believe that the DYU smart bike is not only a product but also a concept. So we have kept the design of the bike highly modular and during the visit to the DYU factory, we will enlighten you on each and every aspect of the bike and the reason behind its design.

Going into the Shanghai bike show 2019 after visiting the DYU smart bike factory will help you understand better the concept behind each aspect of the different designs displayed there. Also, you will be in a better position to understand how DYU’s design stands out from the rest of the manufacturers.

CHINA CYCLE 2019 - The 29th China International Bicycle Fair china.international.bicycle.motor.fair1

Shanghai bike show 2019

Also, the price being offered for the DYU smart bikes is the best value for money you can get.

So please come and visit the DYU smart bikes’ facility and provide us the opportunity to enlighten you on the bike of the future.

A memorable trip is awaiting you. We are awaiting you. And we are sure you’ll not want to miss this wonderful opportunity.

See you at the DYU smart bike factory.

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