Why We Love iCarbot (And You Should, Too!): 10 Reasons to Own It

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iCarbot is a new invention on 2016 spring. Many people fall in love with it at first sight since the walkcar from Japan was invented. Though icarbot and walkcar are brother products, the Japanese one is still not on sale. Many people doubt that the Japan version walkcar is photoshopped or fake. However, we believe in the wisdom of Japanese and appreciate their idea very much! Through one year of secret hardworking, our master piece hit product in 2016 debuts to people.  By now, over one hundred friends from all over the world is contacting F-wheel service personnel on phone, email, fax and online chatting on this website for more information about this new lovely and small electric gadget in 2016. Just like the Outstanding big sell of Dolphin Electric Unicycle, Red Rabbit Electric Unicycle and Hoverboard/Self balancing scooter series including QQ1, QQ2,QQ3, XYQ7 and so on in 2015, iCarbot will definitely lead the new fashion trend at the beginning of 2016.

Here is the top 10 reason why we like and why you’ll like this walkcar named iCarbot.

Japan Walkcar

Top 10 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

The appearance of iCarbot is fashionable and stylish. It will be a new fashion trend in city. The size of a laptop computer is the same with the iCarbot and the appearance of the iCarbot is like a laptop computer. There will be the feeling of back to future with LED light on.

Top 9 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

The price of iCarbot is not high, reason. How much is a walkcar ? This iCarbot is only 461$, which most people can afford. Considering the high price of single product shipping fee, F-wheel recommend wholesale, resell and group buying to reduce the cost. Meanwhile, we recommend buying from a reselller or agent from F-wheel in local place.

Top 8 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

It is supported by millions of China fans including CCTV, the China Central Television.

iCarbot: CCTV News Broadcast Special Report

And in the near future, more and more fans European countries including France, England and Germany and Especially USA will join the team of F-wheel enthusiasts.

Top 7 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

iCarbot has steady performance.

Top 6 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

iCarbot is new.  As we all know, the new things always attract the eyes of people. When others are on two wheel and tumble a lot, you are on a more steady, safe and advanced four wheel scooter!


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Top 5 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

iCarbot is designed by top designers in the world, a leading researching & developing team is behind it.

Top 4 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

iCarbot riding is fun.

Top 3 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

iCarbot is the best festival gift, including Valentines day,  Labor’s day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Chrismas.

Top 2 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

iCarbot is a tool to express love.


Top 1 reason why iCarbot is loved by people:

It’s as light as 3.4kg and portable. Even a eight-year-old child can easily carry it up. Compared to hoverboard, which is as heavy as 10kg, iCarbot is two times lighter than hoverboard that is very popular nowadays

The Pros and Cons of iCarbot.

Pros: Light, Fashionable and stylish, Convenient.

Can’t image there is a commuting tool that can be put into a bag or a backpack!

Cons: Not suitable to rugged road.

Some people may ask, “So, how does it perform with potholes?

The author do not wish to offend people and just quoted a sentence from others. Someone answered them, “Why? Are you a pothole?”

At first we do not understand the meaning of this word as we are Chinese, but later we catch the meaning of the sentence above, it might be kind of impolite. However, it obvious that you do not need to answer this.

This might be a nonsense question. No one will ride a hoverboard to climb mountains or track through the jungle when no one will ride the iCarbot to try hard to get through the rugged road successfully. Even you succeed in it. You will likely to lose one of your four wheels.

Let’s go riding with F-wheel iCarbot! Let’s go for fun, free and a stylish life!

Come early or lose the chance to enjoy a better life by using iCarbot or reselling iCarbot.  Come before too many people start selling it.

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