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Many young people are doing business around the city but are not able to tolerate the congestion of motor vehicles when public transportation is still their best choice. In order to solve the “last mile” problem, a variety of electric scooters and self balance vehicle products got hot for a while. However, many major cities have introduced bans to them, how to choose a convenient and safe travel tool become a great headach to a group of people.

Now we recommended to the DYU A1 produced by F-wheel, here are the advanctages: folding design, human riding, electric power, pure electric driving all in one. This bike avoids the high voltage electric bike embarrassment against the regulation, the classic bicycle design is much safer and reliable than the electric skateboard and self balancing scooter. In this special thanks to the first wave of people in the first community – Love Machine  provides the product. And the author will share the objective and impartial review about the DYU A1 specific performance and riding experience.


Mercedes-Benz slogan “The wizard shuttling in the city”, will best describe the small, flexible DYU A1. DYU as a high-end brand of F-wheel, follows the classic folding bicycle design. DYU team and the United States Silicon Valley jointly developed DTST intelligent bicycle system together, designed and create a more stylish and more free way to travel for young people.

Is it an ordinary bike? Looks like some big folding bicycles at first sight. If haven’t seen the rear black motor, this ordinary folding bike do  not have much difference to other bikes. Naturally, traffic police officer will not bother you.


A1 Specifications

Model: DYY A1 Foldable Smart Bicycle
Weight: 13.6KG
Max Loading: 120KG
Motor: 36V 250W
Battery: 5.2Ah LG Battery
Charging Time : 3 Hours
Speed: 20KM-30KM (Depends on Power Gear)
Mileage: Assistant Mode 55KM
Size: 1200*970*550MM
Foldable Size: 640*600*350MM
Outer Carton: 640 *360* 620MM
Waterproofing Level : IP65
Color: Black , White, Pink.

Through the configuration parameters we can see, the DYU A1 takes in 14-inch wheel diameter design, equipped with 3 hours charge 5.2AH Tesla Model LG lithium battery, 36V 250W brushless motor can provide sustained power up to 30-55Km in different power mode.

Unlike the unsuitable design of the bike + plug electric vehicle system, DYU A1 is equipped with the power system, the control system and the traditional bicycle appearance ingeniously. The battery is hidden design in the front horizontal tube, this battery built-in way avoids the plug battery being bloated, but it brings a drawback that can not be ignored – the user can not replace the battery or disassemble the battery for independent charging.

However, unlike ordinary electric vehicle with lead-acid battery that has average life cycle of three years, excellent performance DYU lithium batteries, meanwhile 3 hours full charge has a maximum 55 km running range. The design is simple, stylish appearance and fashionable. What else do we need with this excellent vehicle.

Smart DYU A1 take the use of usual aluminum alloy body, the overall painting is in line with the quality standards of the global manufacturers. The author get the black version, the effect of scrub is also more popular to users. In addition, white and pink version is available for choosing. However, since it is for young users, in the framework of the design and color, author that can be designed more bold.

Good quality depends on the details. According to the author’s experience in cycling for many years, the first tube and the five-way and other important location of the welding process has nothing wrong, even the 400 dollar big brand ordinary bicycle has just this quality. If you have to say something, as a little perfectionist character of the author, the author want to see the application of high-end bicycle without weld technology.

Commendable thing is that I get the Smart DYU A1 configuration of the original fender, shelves and vehicle support. At present purchasing it will be accompanied with car baskets and other accessories, which enhanced the convenience of DYU. In addition, to this light and lovely motorcycle, anti-theft problem has been relatively sad, if the manufacturer make a motor lock, mobile alarm and other anti-theft device is still very necessary. PS:Now the problem is solved  by DYU D1.

Folding & Regulating Design

Smart DYU A1 folding bike uses mature three-step folding design, after folded, it reaches the size of an ordinary luggage, which can be easily put into the car trunk, as a public transport connecting travel tool it also has a good portability, 13.6 kg of the overall weight is as light as a classic 20-inch folding bike, it’s really a bit weird! Here’s the following folding trilogy:

Step 1: Expand the pipe beam. Then unfold the folded off the horizontal tube, then before and contact the horizontal power supply electric shock, then push the front button fastening, slightly hard press it, and finally unscrew the insurance buckle.

Step 2: Expand the head tube. The head tube naturally upward, pay attention to the harness position, followed by pressing up the locking fastener, the last rotation locking the buckle, this time according to the need to adjust the handlebar height.

Step 3: Adjust the height of the sitting tube. Open the tube quick opending device, the seat will be adjusted to the appropriate height, locking quick release, by the way lightly pedal to make it automatically restore.

Above is the whole process of expansion, folding process has the same token reverse operation, the demo girl is also the first time to operate, you can see the lock device opening and closing is more secure and faster, girls will not be too laborious, which benefits from the design of a mature folding system.

The handlebar locks the quick release for the fixed handlebar and also can adjusts the handlebar inclination.

Handlebar height and steering adjustment.

Who said the small wheel diameter can not enjoy the feeling of maneuver, the highest electric mode has the close 30km / h battery speed, almost reached the level of traditional electric vehicles.

The advantage of the power system is the automatic output of the power in the start, acceleration, uphill, upwind and other environments. When you need help, there is a “hand of God” that has been pushing you, if you are riding a big fish in a a mountain city travel, there are too much fun in it.

The reason why the author calls smart DYU A1 the wizard, has an important reason is the flexible handling, when the girl experienced the feeling of maneuvering, I asked her to try the brakes, they appear above “Drift brake“, which shocked the author and made her droppe her jaw.  We can see we needn’t pursue of disc brake, oil brake of “high-end” configuration, V brake is also reliable and stable, look at the street on the road car then you know.


DYU A1 is a light and smart bike, full folding design make it weaving in the city like a free shuttling fishing, you can match the big brand folding bike with sophisticated production process, up to 55 km long helping power, a variety of ways of help riding choice for young people to create efficient, green, fashion travel. You can buy a folding bike with the price of a folding manual power bike. DYU is really a city vehicle worth considering.

Head pipe folding lock fastener.

Horizontal pipe folding lock fastener.

In view of the details, in addition to the folding system, all the adjustable positions of the whole bike use quick release type fixing, without any tools, convenient and quick to improve the applicability of different groups of people. It can be adjusted by a few simple steps from children to adult satisfying the needs of different users.

Electric Power System

The dynamical system of the DYU A1 is simple and complex, and it is simple to say is because only the motor can be seen, leaving the rest of the dynamic system that looks like an ordinary pedal ride; Through a simple and reliable device to achieve human, power, pure electric three power mode, it’s not so simple as we imagine.

First lt’s talk about this set of DTST intelligent sensor system, also the DYU brain and technical core, the system can perceive the user’s riding status, and according to pedal strength automatically determine the timing of power intervention, through the set of power help assisted riding, although not controlled by human intervention, it will not feel a clear sense of power, that is to say, not a sudden power involved in the situation caused by electricity, the whole process is smooth intervention.

Fly in the ointment is that the motor is not really silent, in the ride process or you can hear some noise.

Handlebar position is the total controller of the power system, seemingly in addition to a similar code table display, and there is no big difference, which is the author has always stressed the simple but not simple design.

Handle the left side of the similarity of the code table is the power system controller, designed to switch, on the next three entities button, the display can display real-time speed, time, mileage, power and other data, the controller’s operating instructions don’t have very detailed instructions, I try a bit, you can achieve from 0 to 5 file a total of 6 stalls of the power system gear settings, you can also press the key to set the speed.

The right thumb position is pure electric mode controller, different from the ordinary electric bike, which is a push-type electronic throttle, through the thumb down to adjust, the strange thing is when the throttle does not automatically rebound, This will always be in the power state, can only be manually restored, is the factory set the mechanical speed mode? I do not know. But in any case, this design is not safe. I have appeared on the parking forget to manually restore, release the brakes (brake automatically power off, the vehicles continue to power forward.

Riding & Stepping Experience

Because the use of a 14-inch wheel design, smart DYU A1 looks very small, small wheel in the natural human riding state and is not comparable to large wheel diameter bike. Of course, the design of DYU A1 is not for long-distance ride use, coupled with the “hybrid power” design, the ride is still very relaxed and comfortable, fully meet the needs of urban comfort riding.

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