Youth Daily Interview-the Original Self Balancing Vehicle is Hot Selling Globally

Youth Daily Interviewed the CEO of F-wheel company, Liwei, whose is the CEO of F-wheel company. The original self balancing vehicle is hot selling globally and Liwei becomes famous in China. In this field, China has become the main export of the self balancing boards. This merit owes to the hard working of many people and company from China.

fwheelceoThe creator of this F-wheel brand is Liwei, an elite from technical talent to a guest, in the eyes of a friend is a man of god, 80 after the boys.

Character card

Li wei, born in 1989 in shangqiu, henan, graduated from the Yellow River institute of science and technology, the founder of the flywheel will industrial co., LTD. Of zhengzhou, zhengzhou 80 CEO club founder, EMBA students of Beijing university, zhengzhou science and technology entrepreneurship star.

Products and honor

Campus entrepreneurial field nuggets into intelligent creative product development instead of walking

In 2009, is a sophomore in li wei is not “upset”, he set up the “sail” entrepreneurial teams, aimed at college students in this particular market, the site code is compiled in order to establish the university student portal, for college students and businesses to provide platform for communication and display, and schools around the merchants to launch joint promotions with the zhengzhou card, card member can be in union merchant discount consumption.This gold ideas made him young entrepreneurial team weekly earnings of thousands of yuan, their web sites have opened up a BBS, group purchase, malls and other business, li wei to harvest his life first bucket of gold.

But li wei is not satisfied with this, he’ll have a new focus.For their own business ideas, li wei said: “my inspiration in life, in the face of” blocking city “, I want to develop a vehicle to carry around, he plunged into the lab. From the boss turned to become a technician, looking for technology partners. After 2 years of research and development, the balance wheel electric car alone. 1 months received domestic and southeast Asia, Europe and other places of large orders, products also achieved the European CE international certification.”

Since first product launch in 2013, because of its focus and professionalism, gradually become one of the main brand of world unicycle market, gained intelligence self-balancing unicycle related more than 10 national patents.Project soon to get the attention of angel investment, team won a $10 million capital injection.

Start-up stage, however, painstaking, li wei told reporters: “because there is no experience, advanced technology and the concept of innovation, research and development of more than 100 listed products are back, this is a huge blow to our company, at the same time is also a test for us. Since then, we began to strictly the quality pass, every step in the procedure of careful meticulous, make the product quality, innovation model into shape.”

Seize the opportunity Let the brand to the world

Just three years, the flywheel will witness and lead the development of the electric unicycle, there are a lot of practical technology is also refresh the height of the industry.At the end of 2014 launched a series of electric unicycle, pick up the phone APP intelligent interaction, update the firmware version of cloud, initially formed the mobile Internet + balanced car strategic layout.

In a advocate public entrepreneurship and innovation, a series of supportive policies have issued under the environment of innovative undertaking and li wei also the Alma mater of the Yellow River institute of science and technology offer an olive branch to li wei.School for free with the flywheel will hatch area, and integrate science and technology and human resources to build the intelligent hardware development base, science and technology research and development to build a good platform for the company.Li wei said: “this is the opportunity, national policy for us to achieve dream boost, young people should be coruscate gives the passion and creativity.”

Company seize the opportunity to further expand the scale, in view of globalization gradually formed three major research and development operations base, the flywheel will industrial co., LTD., established in zhengzhou zhengzhou branch office in shenzhen, and to spend large sum of money to build the plant, first-class production workshop, the expansion of research and development team;Work established in Hong Kong branch, operation of the international trade, and sell like hot cakes in two years, dozens of countries around the world in the industry have high visibility, because since the balance of advanced technology and excellent product quality, in the world to refresh the foreigners impression of “made in China”, in 2014 won the award for best responsibility brands and best travel companion for two awards.Won the industry’s most influential brand “2015” honor, and zhengzhou city science and technology venture star was named 2015 units.

At the same time, li wei suggested that call for responsible brands and supporting manufacturers set up trade unions.Li wei, said he believes the existence of this principle, that is 80% of the market in the future the market will hold 20% of the brand today.Powered unicycle market to explode into the second stage, the big brands and its rich fruit dealers will enjoy the stick, end up in a relatively stable development phase.

Undertaking tide Each a guest is

As the public entrepreneurship the slogan of the name is the ring, more and more college students is marked on the guest’s identity, every entrepreneur can become players in the wave of entrepreneurship, become a fight the wind cause a guest.

Talk about college students’ entrepreneurial boom, li wei said: “start a business is risky, although there are a number of entrepreneurship support policy, but the premise is you have a good project, have their own entrepreneurial teams, and need to start small, not impatient.”

Li wei, said the early stage of the business have three points are particularly important: one is the team core personnel, this is the foundation, can only choose the right partners have a go and development space, the firewood high flame.2 it is to be unyielding perseverance, entrepreneurs to do a tree sway in the wind swing, since chose an industry, and want to succeed in doing, can’t give up easily.3 it is not to expect too much, has not yet begun to have idea what’s tomorrow’s success, it is not a positive for entrepreneurs to encourage, it may become worthless pursuits, the survival and development of the enterprise business rules, popular industry today, tomorrow may be vulnerable because of the adjustment of some regulations, as an entrepreneur need to do is survive with your products.Entrepreneurship is a learning process, in the process of learning their products as long as running still alive, this is a great success.”

Plan for the future of the company, li wei said with confidence: “our products now cover more than 100 cities across the country, are exported to more than 50 countries. We have reach the cooperation, and central China securities company next year will be officially listed, this for us is a big opportunity and challenge, but I believe that my team and our products will become a big name brand made in China.”

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