DYU S1 智能电动自行车

DYU新产品在2020年,DYU S1鲨鱼模型。 欢迎在下面留言,了解价格、批发、转售和分销的详细信息。

DYU 智能电动自行车 S1 功能:

  • 流线型设计,时尚美观
  • 迷你和便携式尺寸,重量轻(15公斤)
  • 空心座椅坐垫,透气舒适
  • 标准: 锂电池: 20PCS 电池最大耐用性: 20KM 豪华: 锂电池: 40PCS 电池最大耐用性: 40KM
  • 集成电机轮,真空增稠轮胎
  • LED 明亮的前灯和智能制动闪光灯后灯
  • 标准:后盘式制动器豪华:前后盘式制动器
  • 最大速度 20KM/H 电池显示屏
  • 可调节座椅,满足不同乘客的高度(120-180CM) 备注:豪华版带有悬架座椅杆
  • 一步折叠,可以放入汽车后备箱
  • 250W 强功率电机。 等级性:20°
  • 多色:黑色、银色(或OEM)
  • 成本绩效之王



DYU Smart Electric Bike S1

材料: 金属
集线器大小: 10 英寸
折叠尺寸 :920*260*510mm
发行尺寸: 920*500*910mm
颜色: 黑色/银灰色
重量: 15公斤
最大负载: 120kg
骑行速度: 20公里/小时
最大时速: 20公里/小时
里程: 约 15 公里
上坡: 15 度
温度: -10~45°C
电池: 5Ah
额定功率: 240W
额定电压: 36V
充电时间: 5h
蓝牙板和应用程序: 否

制动器: 前后盘式制动器
座椅高度: 可调
喇叭: 是
架 :无座椅悬挂

包装尺寸: 990*210*540mm
1*20GP 容器的量码:230pc
1*40HQ 容器的量要求:480件

福B 深圳价格
>500pcs 可协商(发送电子邮件)
>1000pcs 可协商(发送电子邮件)

额外 5 美元与应用程序
intelligent battery management system, over discharge protection, output equalization, overcharge protection, loss monitoring, current limiting protection. short circuit procetection, temperature protection, undervoltage protection
40km long endurance. 2 battery options 5AH 10Ah high quality lithum battery smart BMS battery management system 20cells 40 cells
240w high speed brushless motor. 20 degree, ip54
real time battery volume display. arrange your trip scientifically.max speed 20km/h, safe and efficient
adjustable seat fit rider height 120cm-180cm
stable seat
suspension seat pole reduce the bumps to least level
bright led front light, smart brake flash rear light safe riding at night
font reas disc brakes safeguard the rider always
integrated motor wheel vacuum thickend tire, escort your travel
once step folding,
space vaing in car trunk,
  subway officebest choice of personal transporttaion,
commute to work travelling, dating shopping, excercising, playing, relaxing,black silver color
adjustable seat height
leisure time trip tool for campuse
suitable for commuting work date amusement
convert switch dyu e bike scooter

S1 产品型号演示照片

DYU S1 工程师测试骑行视频


DYU S1 智能电动自行车 有 7 个评价

  1. Marianne Williamson

    Got to say I can’t resist the lure of its dashing appearance at all!

  2. Andrea

    I’m from New York and I live in a great place to show off my new e-bike DYU S especially in the traffic jams. It makes me outstanding and attracts eyeballs of passersby. Highly recommended.

  3. Abraham Saad

    It’s quite hard to get the new DYU S in Egypt. Luckily, some agent of DYU in Poland shipped it to me. Dashing look, worth the money.

  4. Willson

    Nice new bike. Now I have 3 dyu at home in total

  5. Tyler Young

    Beautiful. A good ladies electric bike.

  6. Archie Graham

    Very easy to manage on Paris streets and very sturdy for its size and weight.

  7. Eric

    Fall in love at first sight. That’s what I need. An e-bike in fashion style

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